Moon Research

Greetings Everyone,

For us to live on The Moon, we have a scenario of fulfilling the job in taking corrective steps on the Natural – functions on The Moon. “We are publishing the experience oriented and scientific oriented researches for it”.

Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan
Moon Researcher,
Universe Science,
Tamil Nadu, India.

(My Researches – ஆராய்ச்சி)

I. Moon

II. Moon – Natural Structure
(Correction and Help for Life)

I. Solution in Science Structure

II. Fundamental Structures
1. Intellect’s Age I & II (translation in-progress)
2. Planetary Research (Translation in-progress)
3. Fundamental Structures
4. Creating Livelihood

III. Purification methods

IV. Electromagnetic Waves

V. Planetary Gravitational Field
1. Introduction (translation to begin soon)
2. Planetary Gravity two types
3. Becoming of Natural State (Translation to begin soon)

VI. Planetary Core Axis Rotation Nature
1. Planet Magnetic Gravity (The Core axis) (translation to begin soon)
2. Earth – Moon Core axis (translation to begin soon)

VII. Planetary Rotation
1. Planetary rotation correction Methods
2. Moon that revolves Daily
3. Rotating about itself
4. Revolving through its Orbital path

VIII. Changes in the Meeting of Planets
1. Sun > Moon < Earth
2. Change in Solar Eclipse
3. Change in Lunar Eclipse
4. Moon + Earth = Comforting Changes

IX. Change in Time periods
1. Corrected time periods
2. Day – Night rotation methods (translation in-progress)

X. Microorganisms on The Moon
1. Microorganisms Formula
2. Air Microorganisms
3. Soil Microorganisms
4. Water Microorganisms
5. Microorganisms Life in Unification (in-progress content)

XI. Microorganisms of Earth on Moon

XIII. Corrected time period (clock)

XIV. The fulfilled state of Natural Strucutre

XV. Planetary Research Formula
1. Moon: Connecting – Operating.
2. Formulas – Moon

III. Moon – Life Livelihood

I. Our Moon Life
1. Micro Organisms.
2. Water collection
3. Plants
4. Livelihood Structures
5. Animals
6. Science Improvements
7. Human being’s Livelihood
8. Protective field – Complete Protection

IV. Changes that happen on Earth

I. Changes that happen on Earth
1. Flood of Light in Nature
2. Winter period Gravity
3. Changes in Rain time period measure
4. Improvements in Rain Period
5. Live Life Livelihood Gravity
6. Changes in Gravity (Up – Down, Down – Up)
7. Earth: Fulfilment in Nature
8. Moon’s Cooling Nature
9. Recycle (New Cycle) on Earth
10. New Bloom on Earth
11. Rain – Amirtham

II. Light cycle changes
(10hrs Day + 10 hrs Night = 24 hrs)

1. Night – 10hrs Light (Moon).
2. Day – 10hrs Light (Sun).
3. 2hrs Night on Earth (New Moon)
4. Total Earth 2hrs Complete Darkness (Tri-Unified Meeting)

III. Moon Phase Changes (Daily)
1. 2hrs New Moon
2. 4hrs Waxing Moon.
3. 2hrs Full Moon
4. 4hrs Waning Moon
5. 2hrs Earth Complete Darkness
6. Periodic Chart

IV. Eclipse (Daily)
1. Lunar Eclipse on Earth 2hrs.
2. Solar Eclipse without Light

V. Rain
1. Rain in necessary quantity.
2. Water – Fulfillment in need
3. Heat – Cold natural state

VI. Waste Purification
1. Solid Wastes
2. Liquid Wastes
3. Heat – Air Wastes
4. Science betterment

VII. Plant Lives
1. Nature – Flourishing Forests
2. Agricultural Completeness
3. Science renewed

VIII. Animal Lives
1. Life in Water
2. Life on Land
3. In Evolution
4. Livelihood Life
5. Life’s Livelihood

IX. Health
1. Heat – Cold normalizing
2. Flourishment in Natural surrounding
3. Natural Breath pleasure filled
4. Ideals exchange
5. Cultural innovations
6. Food is Feast
7. Thought is Medicine

X. Changed Time Periods (Clock)
1. Earth Common Clock
2. Earth Periodic Clock
3. Natural Structure Clock (Sun, Moon, Earth)
4. Time period Timetable
5. Complete Earth Spring period

V. Changes that Happens on Venus

Venus (Planet)
1. Venus Common Information
2. Venus’s small body (size/shape)
3. Moon’s Correction
4. Venus’s body exposure (outcome)
5. Venus – Moon Comfort Change
6. Venus – Earth Comfort Change
7. Venus – Earth – Moon Meeting

VI. Changes that Happens on Mars

Mars (Planet)
1. Mars Common Information
2. Changes on Mars
3. Mars – Earth – Meeting
4. Mars – Moon Comfort Change
5. Mars – Earth Comfort Change

VII. Need to be Known

VIII. Supporting Publishes

1. Nature
2. Knowledge (Translation in-progress)
3. Gravity Introduction
4. Will Gravity Change
5. Planetary Rotation indifference

IX. Moon

X. Correcting

XI. Fundamental Structures

  • Gravity
  • Will Gravity Change (coming soon)
  • Planetary Magnetic field (planetary core signature) (coming soon)
  • Planetary rotation conflict (coming soon)

XII. Creating Livelihood

  • Livelihood Creation
  • Microbial life form unifying existence (coming soon)
  • Plant life growing methods (coming soon)

XIII. Supporting Articles 

  • Livelihood of Living being (coming soon)
  • Debuting Human Life (coming soon)
  • Day – Night Rotational Methods (coming soon)
  • Breathable Air Connections (coming soon)