Protective Field: Pros & Cons

Greetings Everyone,

When we are participating in the efforts of creating livelihood on the Moon we are trying to learn every single thing (factor) available there. On the Moon, through Satellite (in the state of Scientists not traveling directly) we were able to know a few information. That is,

Got to know through Satellite:

  • Soil is available.
  • Stone (Rock) is available.
  • Light is available.
  • Heat is available.
    such information were possible to be known.

Scientists got to know:

In Respected Sir Neil Armstrong’s leadership the three member crew’s traveled on 1969 July 16th, made their first step on the Moon on 20th July.

Through it:

  • Planetary Gravity insufficiency (in comparison to Earth’s Gravity) was known by them.
  • In Breathing (air), they got to the happenings (the difficulties in breathing air) in it.
  • They bought Soil directly from there.
  • They bought stone (rock fragments) from there.

In the continuation of such happenings, the time periods of rotating about itself, the time periods of rotating around it’s orbital path, Heat – Cold measurements, it was possible to even know the dangers of Meteor falling on the Moon soil’s upper surface. Adding to it, knowing the cave like structures formed by volcanic lavas……..  continuation of such information is continuing to the point of knowing the other side of the Moon, we know of this.

My Researches:

To create Life’s livelihood of the Moon, with the help of Scientific researches and, with my Guru’s thought droplets and, with my unique skill of analyzing and researching, my researches are continuing.

Come, Let us get to know more.

Thank you, Kind Regards.

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