Water on Moon (Water based Life)

Greetings Everyone,

In The Universe we live, water is a necessity.

In The Universe we live, each Planet is made of Soil. If Life needs to be created on a Planet made of Soil, then water becomes an essential need is what we know.

The Moon in which we like to live in, to create livelihood, the four Soil, Heat, Air, Water needs to be in essential levels. In this, the three: Soil, Heat, Air is found in the open, is what we know.

In any Planet the percentage quantity of water should should be higher than the Land(soil) that is to be used for livelihood. (In 100 percentage Soil mass, a minimum of more than 70 percent should be Water).

The reason being,

  • Water is needed to be utilized for the stabilization of Heat in both upper and inner surface of the soil.
  • It is required for the utilization of living beings and plant lives that live on the upper and inner surface of the soil.


For Rain water, evaporation work is required to happen. The work evaporation for Rain water is required to happen for entire 24 hour period.

The Water that evaporates in a planet:

  • For that planet’s nature construct,
  • For Nature’s livelihood,
  • For Planet’s natural rotation,
  • For the correction of the afflictions caused by the Electromagnetic waves.
  • Including the protection of the protective ring in the planet it is being utilized is what we need to learn.
  • That is, it is required to be used for the heat correction between the Planet and the Planet’s protective ring.
  • Not only that, but also the magnificent work of Rain water can make the Planetary rotational function, stabilize as per the livelihood nature in that planet. Through this the meteor that travels towards that planet can be avoided and be made to fall away ……..

“To create Human Life on Moon, the necessary quantity water is available”

Though the availability of water on The Moon is a truth, as it is not being utilized for a very long period of time, it continues to be in an affected state by very high Heat and Cold. Hence, only if the water on the Moon is purified it can utilized. Similarly, the soil on the Moon can be utilized only after it’s purification, is required to be learned.

“To Live an ultimate Life – Let us travel (together – beyond) this Universe”.

Thank you.

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