Afflictions when Meteor Fall on the Moon

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Meteors falling is an activity that can happen in nature. This activity is that which happens in Natural structure is necessary to know.

Meteor falling activities happens around all Planetary structures in the Solar family (solar system) is required to be known. On the Moon, there are very huge meteors fallen around is what we know from the Scientists that did researches on the Moon.

Afflictions when Meteor Fall on the Moon - 1

For us to live on the Moon, there are many blockers, corrections lay buried in a complex way. Hence, similar to the meteors that lay fallen on the Moon, the activities of Meteors that continue to fall on the Moon are happening in two types.

  1. Meteors that come directly towards the Moon.
  2. The Meteor that come toward the Earth, when being thrown away due to Earth’s rotational (spinning) speed, while the Moon revolves very close to the Earth, it falls, do we know of this?

Earth - Moon One Rotation Period

The reason why I am saying this in this way because, Moon’s rotational speed is of very very slow spin is becoming the reason.

“Only if a planet’s rotational speed exists in a speed favorable to that planet’s livelihood, the Meteor that travel towards that planet will prevent from falling there”. Not only that, the stone (meteor) in the planet’s rotational speed, will be thrown away from that planet.

In terms of the Moon,  only if the rotational speed happens to change in favor to the life’s livelihood available there, it will be possible to escape from the impact (negative effect) of Meteors falling is a confirmed truth. To escape from the two type of impacts (negative effects), Moon’s rotational speed and, livelihood structural methods correction’s necessity is required to be known.  Instead of being this, if we try creating livelihood on the Moon, the extreme sufferings of Living beings, Plant Lives, Human being’s livelihood through the Meteors falling cannot be corrected in any way, is required to be known.  Only when every single activities that happen on the Moon’s Natural structure is corrected favorable to life (livelihood) it will be possible to escape from the impact (negative effect) of Meteors falling. This is necessary to be known.

“Lets learn the necessity, Let us make livelihood a reality”

Meteors Pros, Cons, Solution

In the state of Meteors continuing to fall on the Moon’s surface, if life’s livelihood is created, Livelihood will become impacted, is currently being a possibility to be known. Adding to it, on the Moon, the Protective field is also in a weakened state, is currently being a possibility to be known.

In the state of Meteors continuing to fall on the Moon’s upper surface:

  • If Plant Life’s livelihood is created, Plant Life’s nature of growth and nature of life will become affected. This is required to be known.
  • If Living being’s livelihood is created, if Meteors fall on the living being’s habitat (place of stay), then habitat is damaged and living being’s destruction will happen.
  • Through the sound of the Meteors falling, living beings will become affected through fear. That is, tiredness, fear, weakness, disabled living beings will be given birth. Adding to it, species population growth will not be created.
  • Human being’s livelihood will become affected. That is, tiredness, mind stress, fear, weakness and disabled children will be given birth. Men, Women infertility will happen. Hence on the Moon, continuously livelihood will be subjected to affliction in many ways (types), is required to be known.
  • As meteors continuously keep falling on the Moon, there is a danger of it becoming a desert filled with rocks. This becomes essential to be known.

Due to the activities of Meteors falling on the Moon, it is required to correct the Moon’s rotational function, Protective field’s protective methods (perfected way). This is to be known.

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