The Challenge for Intellect’s high stage – The Moon

Greetings, everyone.

“Intellect’s Ultimate Challenge – Experiment – The Moon”

Human’s livelihood is based around ‘Knowledge”.

“Activities in Daily life, Experiences created in the Activities, outcomes of the Experiences, Collective efforts on the outcomes, the core capability expressed in the outcomes, the unifying strength of the core capabilities, the functional energy born out of this unity is what we call as Science”.

The time since the life of Human beings began on Earth, the scientific core formation’s collective connection till this period is what we call ultimate Science.

Through the ultimate knowledge of the present day, we are working on creating living structures for living being on other planetary bodies beyond Earth. Only when we went and tried concluding the methods of sustaining life on other planetary bodies, we are facing phenomenons that cannot be understood.

That is,

  • The Planetary gravitational field that connectively works along with the Universe’s rotational structure,
  • Planet rotational structure’s Gravity,
  • Heat – Cold Properties,
  • It’s time period,
  • Night – Day cycle’s time period,
  • The situations required to sustain life, continues to be unseen………

The ways of correcting such natural phenomenon’s function?

The effort of searching the answer to this “magnificent question” happens to be the period of ultimate challenge to the intellect.

Come, “Lets unite the intellectual force of science, overcome the challenge and together achieve greatness”

Thank you, Vanakkam.

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