Laws of Science (சங்கமித்தல்)

Greetings everyone,

If we keenly observe the current modern lifestyle system in the universe we live in:

  • The way of living connected with Nature
  • In the natural system, the way of living with the mix of wastes(very little)
  • The way of living a corrected life

Human's Journey in living life on the surface of Earth,

  • Traveling on Water,
  • Traveling under Water,
  • Traveling in Space,
  • The Journey of living a complete life on Earth,
  • The Journey of trying to live on other planets,

For all such Journeys we know that, Scientific establishments are at its core. "Scientific solutions, are called by Laws"

  • Scientific Laws revealing magnificent Truth,
  • Elusively revealing Truth

Do we know, there are two such types!

Scientific law revealing Truths - we know it.

Scientific law elusively revealing Truth - Do we know of it? We know it, please come. By knowing this, science can perform acts of greatness. Through this, human's quality of life will come to a further enhanced stature by multiple folds. The scientific Law's law are of two types.

  1. Living rules,
  2. Living Laws

Scientist's Scientific law revealing living styles - In the two living styles stated above. We know of it, come let's learn it.