Approval Letter from Government of India on 11th December 2019:

1576066687292_approval letter



Registering with Government of India on 12th December 2019:

“Creating the Research Brief for Government Approval in Tamil”

Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan Writes to Ministry of Corporate Afairs to Register

Translation of Source text to English on 12th December 2019 (MoA) :

“To live on the Moon it is required to correct the structure of Nature. That is on the Moon, Soil – Water purification, Heat reduction, Cold becoming Normalized, Planetary Gravity becoming corrected, Planetary Core (Planetary Central Axis) becoming lighter (loosened), On the Soil’s upper surface Microorganisms being exposed, Moon’s rotational speed being corrected, Day – Night cycle methods, such elements are required to be corrected in Nature in a Natural way. Only after this Earth’s Soil – Water Micro Organisms unification should come to be created. After this happening Plant Life’s growth nature, Science Organization, Living being’s livelihood, Human being’s livelihood coming to existence (created) and such happenings, let us create it alongside Scientific Organization (structure).”

Name approved and Reserved by Government of India on 3rd Jan 2020:


Name Changes to “applied for” status in Government of India website on 8th Jan 2020:

Applied for status of ourmoonlife

Our Moon Life has been Incorporated by the Indian Government on 09th Jan 2020

Applied for status of ourmoonlife -2

Our Moon Life Licence Granted by Indian Government on 9th Jan 2020

Our Moon Life Registration with Government Public Documents found in the website (9th Jan 2020)

Link to further details on the Public Documents

Our Moon Life Incorporation approved by Indian Government on 10th Jan 2020

Master Data of Incorporation 20th Jan 2020: