Purification in the method of Chemistry

(To live on the Moon, Solution in a scientific method)

Greetings Everyone,

The Life’s livelihood method on the Moon is being created in our Scientific research structural methods. May it be so, (On Earth) every ways of life method existing in practical life is being handled.

Every life methods is being created in joint with Natural structure in a scientific way.

We know the Scientific methods that create the livelihood methods on the Moon.

We are getting to know the Universe Natural structure methods only in the Scientific nature. Through such knowing, we are fulfilling our needs.

Our livelihood travel is continuing on this Earth for a very extreme long period of time. The Human life travel that travels in this way, is having Scientific research nature as its center (source).

The Structure of Science Source:
1. Physics
2. Chemistry
3. Biology such three major division are available. In it, having many different divisions within it, we are taking it in towards the Scientific growth.

Due to the reason of Population count, the human need is increasing continuously. Due to it, Life space insufficiency, the Natural resources being affected due to the Pollutant increase on Earth is increasing continuously. As a result of this, the researches belonging to the livelihood of human beings on the planet Moon that hails to be the support planet of Earth, is being conducted.

The method of Human livelihood on the Moon is:

As Solution in the method of Physics and,
As Purification in the method of Chemistry and,
As Livelihood in the method of Biology (Life Science),
so we are continuing to conduct my Researches.

Solution in the Method of Physics:
The Solution in the Method of Physics is making the corrections in such a shape (method) so that the Natural Structures on the Moon, functions – Operates naturally (The Life’s Livelihood that Lives on the Earth, in favor of it’s situation – the Moon’s Rotational operation and other natural structure methods).

Every single methods that are corrected in the method of Natural – Operation is being researched in the Method of Chemistry by us.

Research in the Method of Chemistry (Purification):
For the livelihood of Human on the Moon, even if the corrections are made in the methods of Natural – Operation in the Natural Structure method, every one of it’s corrections are being Researched by us in method of Chemistry.

On the Moon, the Natural Structures being corrected in the Method of Natural – Operation, the first effort by itself is the Soil – Water purification method. When purification is being conducted on the Soil and the water, the water – being improved in clarity, the Soil – in it’s core formation becoming together, will be examined in the research method of Chemistry, is what we are publishing here.

The Water vapor’s state that expels out from the Soil that is created from the Soil – Water purification method,
In First Purification,
Second Purification,
Third Purification and so it is the method of learning from the nature in which Soil and Water functions together.
In it,
The Taste of Water,
The Nature of Water (Touch),
The solidity of Water (Viscosity),
The Color of Water……. such elements forming in the join nature favorable to the need of Life’s Livelihood.

Without Water there will not form a World
Without there will not form a World,
The Good water for Live Soil,
and for Live Body, by itself is the Source.
“Let’s Know the Source, Let’s Live blissfully”

Similar to the Water purification methods in the Soil – Water purification method on the Moon, even in the Soil purification methods,
The First Purification,
The Second Purification,
The Third Purification method, It is the method of knowing from it.

In it,
Soil smell,
The nature of Soil gluing (Cohesive),
The Soil health,
The unification of Soil Color,
The purification improvement even in the mixed soil,
The Healthy state for the Moon microbes to live,
Having the formations favorable to the Microbes of Other Planet (Earth….) to live.

After the Life growth nature of the Microbes (Moon – Earth), it is the productive researches done in the way of Research Chemistry, for the Plant Lives to grow.

Heat – Cold Natural Nature:
In the purification methods of Soil – Water, on the Soil’s upper surface and – inner surface, it is the method of knowing about the Researches of Heat – Cold.

It is the knowing through the Researches about the Rain water nature that is from the natural state of Heat – Cold in the Soil – Water purification and then learning whether it has formed in favor of livelihood.
That is,
* In the method of it being utilized as Drinking Water,
* In the nature favorable to the Plant Life’s growth nature,
* In the method favorable to Agriculture,
* In the nature favorable to the Living being’s livelihood formation,
* In the method of preparing food,
* In the method rightful to Researches and Medicine,
* For the methods of Water source saving ………
and so for the methods, that have formed to be in favor and the rightful researches, it needs to be close to it.

For the Planet that has shaped to be through Soil, if Heat & Water joins necessary value, it is the great way for Live Life.

Breathable Air:
On the Moon, with the methods of Soil – Water purification, the Methods of Chemistry’s solution becomes complete. In it, as the Heat and Air and Soil and Water is joining with the methods of Purification, the job of Nature construction in the method of Nature correction is contacting with Planetary Gravity, Jobs of Core signature rotation. Adding onto it, the contribution of the Live Life contacting method contributing along with the Research methods of Physics, Chemistry can be known.

The Rotation in the method of Physics and Research method (Purification) in the method Chemistry is being made equalized to stability.

When the Construct nature of Nature on the Moon is being corrected, the livelihood natural structure similar to that on Earth becomes created here. Hence the livelihood Life jobs can commence on the Moon.

Than you,

Kind Regards.

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