Current Way (in current Research happenings)

Greetings Everyone,

Moon: The Natural Structure getting corrected as the livelihood is being created.
In a very long period of living method, it becomes possible on the Moon.

It is possible to create livelihood state of life on Moon from the researches that are created from current happenings. If we ask, is it a possibility, it will become possible to learn that it is indeed possible. But is it an immediate possibility?, the answer belonging to this question is the one that makes us think, this is required to be known. The reason being, between the natural structure (In the stage pertaining to Life’s Livelihood) of the Moon and the natural structure happenings pertaining to that of the Earth is in a different and conflicting state, hence in the  livelihood structural methods complexities are happening to be. What is the matter if it happens to be in these so many ways? We will follow the methods we knew in our living methods. But there isn’t a single mistake in it!, this can be asked.

There isn’t a mistake!.

On the Moon,

Soil is available,
We will get to know the place of availability of Water. Then what!
If the water is known, everything will come to be a possibility ………..

Even when involving in the right approach why livelihood cannot be created, can this be described? this questing coming into existence (rise) can be known.

Yes! This is ofcourse a reasonable question, it can be understood.

Then what is the complexity, can this be made understandable, if asked, we will explain, listen.

First let us understand one thing.
That is, in current happenings, presently – On the Moon’s (The state before Livelihood corrections being done) available research methods, as per it, can Life’s livelihood be created, if asked, it is possible is what becomes it’s answer. But, time points towards a very long period.

That is,
It can take 50 years,
It can take 100 years,
it can take 1000 years. Why, it can even take timer period higher than that.

Similarly, for the Life’s livelihood to be created the damages will form in the state of numerous instances.
That is,
Material (Money) Damage,
Scientific structures Damage,
Plant Lives Damage (Destruction)
Living beings becoming perished,
Human beings becoming perished, so the innumerable damages will come to be a required state to be faced for many years, this is required to be known.

Come let us get to know (learn) more……

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