Planetary Rotation Nature

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In this Universe in which we live in, it is necessary to get to know about livelihood nature. In our life the things that where learnt, in it which received clarity, the things that where changed favorable to livelihood state, in present period, in future period,that which regulates the things that leave way for living is what we call intellect.

The thing that is necessary to be known among the things that can be known through intellect is regarding ‘Planetary rotation nature’. Every single planet participates in it’s rotational function in its own way of speed, distance. Planetary rotational nature is being utilized for planet to rotate about itself and to revolve around its orbital path.

Planetary rotational nature function:
For the Planetary rotational nature function to perform,
* Electromagnetic waves
* Water’s function
* Planetary Gravitational Field
* Planet’s Core
* Planet Micro Organism’s livelihood function
* Protective field ……. with many such function’s connection it is performing, is necessary to be known.


Planetary Rotational Nature:
In this Earth we live in, through the ‘science research’ which we got to learn, it is being helpful to understand the Earth’s connective functions in a very big way.

Considering our livelihood situation we are conducting researches on the Moon for a very long time.

On the Moon, the planetary rotational nature researches are continued to be conducted by the Scientists. In it, let us learn the information mentioned about planetary rotational nature on Moon.

The period for Moon to rotate about itself takes approximately 28 days (as-per Earth’s 24 hour calculation). Similarly it is described that, for the Moon to revolve around its orbital path also takes 28 days. The Earth’s rotational period to rotate about itself is approximately 24 hour and the period for it to revolve around it’s orbital part is approximate 365 days,

Moon’s Rotational Nature has formed rotating about itself (28 days) and revolving through its orbital path (28 days) rotating. Moon’s revolving orbital path is connected with the Earth’s revolving orbital path. That is, Moon’s revolving path is formed in an outer – inner structure of the Earth’s revolving orbital path.

“Do we know that the Moon’s rotational nature happens in two sided event?”

  1. From the Easter direction through the Southern direction, traveling towards the Western direction is the Moon’s event.
  2. From the Western direction through the Northern direction, traveling towards the Eastern direction is the Moon’s event.

The way in which the Earth’s rotation was learnt by our Scientists, learning the Moon’s rotation is a benefit.

Earth’s rotational time period and Moon’s rotational timer period being different in a very large deviation (gap) is a deficiency.

In the Moon’s rotation time period, it is not possible to create the livelihood of Plant lives, living beings, Human beings that have lived in the time period of Earth’s rotation, is required to be known.

We need to change the Moon’s rotational nature. That is, every aspects that is connected to the Moon’s rotational nature is required to be corrected (purified).

Every events that happen on the Moon’s Natural structure is required to be corrected as per the accepting nature of Life’s livelihood.

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