Thingalur, Moon Temple, India

Moon Temple

Thingalur, TN, India.
Temple dedicated to Lord Santhiran (The Moon). Here the inner sanctum is preceded Lord Siva in the name Kailasanathar and Mother Parvathi in the name Periyanayaki. Lord Siva can be seen holding the cresent moon on his head. Showing the significant place the Moon holds in the life of human.

Our Prayers

We as researchers in this opportunity of sharing this memory and detail through this article would also like to dedicate our prayers to our god in guiding us through this journey of research in elevating human living in this Universe by creating a living condition on our Moon. We would also like to thank god for this opportunity of exploring the ultimate knowledge abundantly found in this Universe. For us to explore and expand our livelihood nature.

Our Travel

We take right from the state highway into a very small path seen in the video. During our visit, the weather was very cooling with a mist coming down onto the floor. The temperature of the light and the weather was very comforting. The conclusion of the visit with the cooling eye darisanam (view of the deity) of Periyanayaki mother was fulfilling.

The Location

Calming and comforting is definition of this location. The tall standing Banyan trees. Yes multiple Banyan trees standing gigantic at the entrance sets a very natural feeling to our arrival upon the location. The entrance is very minimalistic unlike usual architectures found in the region. However the inner sanctum and the experience of being there can only be felt in experience and is very unique.

Moon Place (Santhiran Sthalam)

Our Ancestors made their place of life as a place of worshipping god and continued their living. Thus was the nine planetary places of worship called the navagraga sthalam came to be.

  1. Thingalur (Moon Sthalam): Wiki Link & More info
  2. Alangudi (Jupiter Sthalam / Guru Sthalam)
  3. Thirunageswaram (Ragu Sthalam)
  4. Suriyanar Kovil (Sun Sthalam)
  5. Kanchanoor (Venus Sthalam / Sukran Sthalam)
  6. Vaideeswaran Kovil (Mars Sthalam / Sevvai Sthalam)
  7. Thiruvengadu (Mercury Sthalam / Buthan Sthalam)
  8. Keelaperumpallam (Kethu Sthalam)
  9. Thirunallar (Saturn Sthalam / Sani Sthalam)

Our Ancestors who made the existence of their Life, Livelihood, Education, Job/Business connected with the Planets, knew the true information that our livelihood as Human beings will be created on the Moon as well. So continued their life.

சந்திரன் ஸ்தலம்

நம் முன்னோர்கள், தங்கள் வாழும் இடத்தையே இறைவனை வழிபடும் ஸ்தலமாக அமைத்து வாழ்ந்து வந்தனர். இவ்வாறு உருவானதே ஒன்பது கோள்களுக்கான நவகிரஹ ஸ்தலம்.

  1. திங்களூர் (சந்திரன் ஸ்தலம்)
  2. ஆலங்குடி (குரு ஸ்தலம்)
  3. திருநாகேஸ்வரம் (ராகு ஸ்தலம்)
  4. சூரியனார் கோவில் (சூரியன் ஸ்தலம்)
  5. கஞ்சனூர் (சுக்கிரன் ஸ்தலம்)
  6. வைத்தீஸ்வரன் கோயில் (செவ்வாய் ஸ்தலம்)
  7. திருவெண்காடு (புதன் ஸ்தலம்)
  8. கீழ்பெரும்பள்ளம் (கேது ஸ்தலம்)
  9. திருநள்ளாறு (சனி ஸ்தலம்)

கோள்களை தங்களது வாழ்வியலுடனும், வாழ்வாதாரத்துடனும், கல்வியுடனும், தொழில் அமைப்புடனும் இணைத்து வாழ்ந்து வந்த நம் முன்னோர்கள், சந்திரனிலும் நம் வாழ்வாதாரம் உருவாக்கப்படும் என்ற உண்மை செய்தியை அறிந்து வாழ்ந்து வந்தனர்.

Periya Nayaki amma Potri Potri

ஓம் ஸ்ரீ பெரியநாயகி அம்மா போற்றி போற்றி

Location on Google Map to the Moon Temple

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