Heat-Cold exchange

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“Heat – Cold Exchange”

In this World that functions through 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature, the corrective function that exists for the Job of Space, Soil and Air is in the form of Heat – Cold (Heat – Water) exchange.

The Planets in which the 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature function separately and together is where the Heat – Cold will be in required volume, is to be learnt.

The Planets in which the Heat – Cold exists in required volume is where Life like Plant Lives, Animal Lives and Human Beings can delta together. With the help of evaporated hot air that exists on the upper and lower surface of the soil, falling as Rain is when Heat – Cold exchange will become stabilized.

“Without Rainfall there will become no World”
மழை நீரின்றி அமையாது உலகு)

“The Natural formations that is exhibited through Nature, when it’s true simplified format is understood, creation of livelihood improvement plan will become possible.”

The Moon’s Heat – Cold exchange, if researched in detail with the Natural formation’s functioning methods on Earth is when it’s corrective methods can be learned.

In Nature the Heat – Cold exchange to become neutralized “5_Grand_Fundamental_Elements_of_Nature’s ways of functioning together and alone – should be used in operational methods”.

For the Heat – Cold exchange on The Moon to become stabilized – to make it Stabilized, we know the methods, let us learn it.

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