Universe Researcher

Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

Greetings Everyone,

When seeing this Universe we live in, each day, each time, it always appears new. It has innumerable natural structures within itself.

In it,

  • Continuing Light,
  • Air that Whirls around,
  • The Space that appears Blue,
  • Clouds that come floating,
  • The Magic of Rain Falling,
  • Thunder – Lightning Sounds,
  • Planets that rotate in Gravitation,
  • Sun that appears on the Day,
  • Moon on the Day of New Moon,
  • Star clusters that appear like flowers that just bloomed, …… The Universe that stands spacious in such an expansive way. Thinking about it fills the heart with happiness.

Without any dramatization, in the night being a lamp of light for earth, Every single time seeing the Moon that stands as a direction giving navigator, when will we live in your lap. For me who has lived a life such, you have given the chance to conduct Research about you.

Thank you Moon, Thank you.

When Conducting Life’s Livelihood (Human Beings, Plant Lives, Living beings) related research on the Moon, the state of liking to learn about the Universe came to be. Because, Without Knowing the Universe’s Operations (functions) it is not possible to continue Moon’s Researches, this was possible to be understood.

Hence, come let us get to know (learn) the Moon Operations that function in connect with the Universe’s Operation.

Similarly, Come we know the Natural structures that function in connectivity with Moon’s Operations.

Moon as the Earth’s supportive planet that revolves in between Venus and Mars, in the moment of knowing it, come let us also get to Know (learn) about the Universe.

Thank you,

Kind Regards.