Creating Livelihood

Greetings everyone,

The Lifestyle that comprises of all Human livelihood’s Life structures can be called as Living Lifestyle Structure.

Only after the creation of all Nature structures required for Living on the Moon, we should create Living Lifestyle.

Creation of Living condition on the Moon is not a single Man’s job.

It is created in through the unification of Scientists, helpers and tools.

For Life to start on the Moon,
Water Bodies,
Water utilization,
Soil – Water purification,
Heat reduction,
Microbial Life blooming,
Water vaporization,
Water falling as Rain,
Gravity changing,
Planetary rotation’s speed increasing,
Day – Night’s nature changing in the metric of time,

only after such happenings the work for starting the Livelihood Lifestyle creation should be done.

Livelihood Lifestyle:

  • Soil + Water Testing (Moon)
  • Water saving (Soil Water, Rain Water)
  • Microbial Life + Soil Testing (Moon)
  • Soil + Water Testing (Earth)
  • Microbial Life + Soil Testing (Earth)
  • Microbial Life Blooming (Moon)
  • Microbial Life Blooming (Earth)
  • Plant Life + Soil + Microbial Life + Safety Medicine (cow dung) (From Earth to Moon)
  • Seed Soil + Microbial Life + Cow dung + Micro plant insects (small sized life forms) (From Earth to Moon)
  • Sample methodologies for Plant life farming (Moon)
  • Bringing in Animal Life (From Earth to Moon)
  • Safety preparations
  • Livelihood structures preparation
  • Human being’s nature of life methods.

We know the methods. Let us live a proper life.

Thank you, Kind Regards.

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