Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan
Moon Researcher, Universe Science,
Tamil Nadu, India.

Founder & Chairman, Jeevayogam(ஜீவயோகம்).

About Researcher(ஆராய்ச்சியாளர்)

Greetings everyone,

To live on the Moon everyone of us carry the interest.

The first reason for it being the day since Humans began life on Earth until this date, The only planetary body we saw in our universe through our naked eye without photo-sensitivity was the moon. People saw the Moon as – White Moon, Milk Moon, Pearl Moon, Cool Moon, the guiding Moon in the night, everyone’s favorite Moon….. it made them see it that way, made them feel ecstatic.

Moon is a member of the solar family we live in.

Revolving close to the Earth.

It is Earth’s natural satellite.

Humans for the very first time showed interest travelling to and also travelled to the Moon, we know this. While their living conditions on The Moon was being determined – before the required footings for it was completely explored, their thoughts shifted towards Mars, Sun……. and the research path continues. At the same moment their researches continue on the Moon. Considering the crisis situation on Earth, when we try creating a living conditions on the moon,

Gravity is low,

Breathable air deficiency,

Water whereabouts being unknown,

In the Day time the heat reaches 130 degree Celsius ,

In the nights the temperature reaches minus 170 degree Celsius,

And many such complex situations are continuing exist without an answer.

At this very moment,

What are the methods of creating a living condition on The Moon?,

How to execute them Scientifically?,

I am coming to explain the ways of executing it and will provide guidance.

Come let us unite together.

Let us beckon the lights of Life on The Moon.

By creating the living configurations let us create the living methods.

Thank you. Vanakkam.