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Thank you very much for letting me express my thoughts and doubts very freely and going a step further letting me express it in open through this page. I am being involved with the research path since the beginning and I have been given complete thought/expression independence in everything and given the


  1. (conversation) Livin S – Protecting Field (Meteor Falling) – When working on the Meteor falling effects Research content. I shared the perspective of how planetary gravity along with the protective field plays a first level protection with the help universe Gravity. It was discussed further in detail. Where explorations on corrections research path and pros/cons research path was briefed. The importance of Rotational speed and meteors effects beyond the protective measures and its importance where explored briefly.
  2. (Thoughts) Livin S – Surface of a Planet – How every planet has a surface area and a side surface. The living and engagements are possible only on the surface of the Planet is an expression from my Research head. Which I did not get the entire perspective of it. The first light of this perspective entered me around 25/09/2019 when we where discussing on planetary rotation and how pictures of planet is taken in a single perspective and when discussing the flight vs rocket methodologies …..

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