The Moon – Today Need

To create living condition on The Moon, 4 information are currently in need,

  1. Learning (To Gain Knowledge)
  2. Experience (To make it happen)
  3. Lifestyle (The needs)
  4. Connections (To share)

To live on the Moon, for us to learn the above information, Let us put in the efforts with the help of the outcome we get from the “Intellect’s II Age”.

“The intellect’s peak connections found on Earth and The effort taken in creating Living Condition on the Moon. For winning in it, understanding becomes essential”.

In the way we understood the inner construct and outer construct on Earth. Only if we understand it in the same way on The Moon, creating living condition on the Moon will become a smooth process.

If we try learning what needs to be learned. Then putting what was learned to action will happen with extraordinary energy.

Let us all unite.

Let us create a constructive Lifestyle.

Thank you, Vanakkam.

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