Fundamental Structures

Greetings Everyone,

In current environment (un-corrected environment) Moon exhibits 14 parts Solar Heat + Light – Darkness.

In this Natural environmental structure, our correction called “together” in which there are 14 Functions:

In the structured Operational, working methods, Life can be created on the Moon. That is, to blend with the function of joining in with the corrective path and it’s outcome (together). Moon functioning methods are being created as per the acceptable nature of livelihood structures.

Creation Methods:

  1. Water Source being Utilized.
  2. Soil being purified. (The defected core structures joining.)
  3. Purifying Water through Soil Purification
  4. Heat air stabilizing (changing).
  5. Electromagnetic Waves stabilizing.
  6. Microbial Life blooming.
  7. Breeze, Cloud formation.
  8. Rain – Snow water falling.
  9. Heat – Air – Water joining.
  10. Gravity changing.
  11. Microbial Life blooming in Water.
  12. Gravity changes. (The changes happening in Gravitational field)
  13. Day – Night circulation changing towards fulfillment.
  14. Microbial Life blooming in Air.

We know the 14. Let us create a Strengthened, Happiness filled life on the Moon.

Thank you, Kind Regards.

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