Earth – Learnt so far

Greetings Everyone,

In this Earth we live in, the one that has been learnt so far, is indeed existing to be that which is required to be known. Adding onto it, it is exists to be a need that requires to be known.

Need in Nature:
In the Natural Structure, the Breeze (that which is expressed in Plant life connection, that which is expressed in Water’s connections – Sea Breeze), the Rain (Water evaporating – to fall as Rain/Snow), the Plants that grow by themselves (Forest/Plains and so in all such soil formations), the living beings by knowing their need by themselves and growing (Water/Land and so in everything), every new dimensions that form in the nature is existing to be a need, necessity to the Human Life. That is, for the Human Society, Living beings, Plant Life’s livelihood basics to be formed, to be created, to live, to grow, for the livelihood to become a continuation, for Knowledge Life to become grown, for the Spiritual growth to become better, for the Living Life to become grown, for the livelihood to continue through out the Universe, we shall get to learnt the Nature’s connection in Nature through a good and wealthy way.

The Unnecessary in Nature:
The Huge Rain, the Drought in heat, the Extreme Cold, the Quick Sand, the Molten Lava, the Earth Quake, the Storm winds, the Virus infections in the Natural Structure….. such things are Unnecessary to Human Life and exists to be that which results in disaster. In spite of that, it exists to be a lesson taught by the Nature.
In Natural Connection:
*Livelihood that which is created by
*That which is practiced living
*To become natural in the Naturally existing Natural formations
*To become flourishing greatness rightfully in Artificial formations, that which is created in every effort periods creating conflicts in Nature, the artificial purification deficiency methods, if protected in methods which prevent mixing with livelihood fundamentals, life will flourish. Livelihood evolutionary growth will become enhanced.

Instead of being as described above, if in every effort period of creation, the conflicts created in Nature and if the Artificial purification deficiency methods are let to mix in livelihood fundamentals without any correction,
Human Livelihood’s,
Living being Livelihood’s,
Plant Livelihood’s continued activities becoming weak, then coming into fall through afflictions, the continued connections in Health – Without Health, Happiness – Sorrow, Growth – Fall, Clarity – Confusion, completeness – incompleteness …… such dual life, by living will become a habbit.

Come Let us get to know more in detail.

Thank you

Kind Regards.

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