Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

A planet to rotate, and sustain life growth – The first source has always been Planetary Gravitational field.

Planetary Gravitational field to properly function, all five elements of nature needs to be plus (+). For Planetary Gravitational field to function conflictingly, what are the five natural elements that needs to be ( _ ), should to be understood well.

Planetary Gravitational Field for,

  • Planet’s rotational movements,
  • Day – Night cycle’s change in quantity of time,
  • Plant Lives,
  • Animals,
  • Human beings livelihood lifestyle structure,

continues to be a source of energy. How numbers and words completely explain “informations”, in the same way each planet’s Planetary Gravitational Field continues to exist, needs to be understood.

Planetary Gravitational Field’s on Moon continues to have a changing characteristics. Lets learn about this nuance in future. A planet’s characteristics to inwardly attract soil’s heat and liquid, and it’s liberating characteristic’s right understanding is required………..

Let us come to a more literal understanding of Planetary Gravitational Field.