Increased Heat – Cold

Greetings Everyone,

In this Universe that is made of 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature, for living beings (Humans, living beings, Plant lives) to live, it becomes a necessity to have heat, cold(water) within in the Natural core structure.

In the Universe we live, in each planet in a unique scenario and in a unique type of quantity Heat – Cold (Heat – Temperate) exists.

In any planet within the Universe, depending on the utilization quantity (nature utilization) of Heat, Water and only through this utilization method the living being’s livelihood methods can be determined to be possible, not possible. This is required to be known.

In the Earth we continue to live so far, the heat, cold is existing in a format favorable for the livelihood of living beings, plant lives. We know of this.

In the Earth we live in, even though the amount of heat, cold is different between each locations. We know that the livelihood formations in the  natural structure in formed in a favorable way in that location for the living beings, plant lives to live.

Model Planet – Earth:
On Earth in such different structures where Heat, Cold exists, if living beings comes in from other locations then there are livelihood structures available along with a suitable protective formation in nature. In this Universe we live in Earth (Planet) one alone exists as a model planet for life’s livelihood. That is why, on Earth, Heat from a very high value to a very low value (Starting from + to – ) is spread around in a few places. Similarly, Cold from a very low value to a very high value (starting from + to -) is spread around a few places. Though heat and cold exists in a increased or decreased value, in the natural livelihood structure in each such surroundings it is in such structural way that plant lives, living beings continue to live. Adding to it, Soil, mountain, water, fire, taste, gravity, rain, cloud, snow, rotational nature, day – night……… if we understand that such happenings exists favorable to life’s livelihood and currently living structure on Earth’s Natural structure. Then, it will be possible to understand that Earth exists as a model Planet for this Universe’s livelihood.

On Moon Heat – Cold:
Only when scientifically understanding the needs for life’s livelihood on Moon we are able to know that in the day the heat is 130 degree Celsius, in the night the Cold is minus 170 degree Celsius.

Though the Heat – Cold is in such a state, similar to Earth the above mentioned, Day – Night, Rotational Nature, Gravity, Rain, Water …… such Natural structures too on Earth is not available and differs. Adding to it, Plant lives, living beings such life structures too are not available is to be understood. Hence, if we think of creating livelihood of Plant lives, living beings, Human being on the Moon, then only if the Natural structures of the Earth are created it will become a possibility is necessary to be known.

Thank you, Kind Regards.

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