Greetings Everyone,

In the Universe we live in,

  • Highly Wonderful,
  • Highly miraculous,
  • Highly fertile,
  • Highly Good,
  • Highly surprising,
  • Highly beautiful,
  • Highly Riddled,
  • Highly new,
  • Highly fulfilled,……….
    and also a happening that is difficult to understand is Nature.

We can shortly call Nature to be Normalized Character and explain it in detail.

  • Nature means that which forms in Normalized character,
  • Nature means it grows by itself,
  • Nature means it develops by itself,
  • Nature means it finishes by itself,
  • Nature means it falls dead by itself, that which gets destroyed, wasted, mucked, mixed in waste……… such things becoming decayed, becoming food for other living beings, taking new shape………… many such happenings happen in Nature.

So Nature is,
“In the function of the Static Life, Non-Static Life functioning together in this Universe: The happening of functioning in Operation is what we call Nature, and Natural structure. The Tri mixture unification shines as the protective shield of Nature.

The Tri Mixture Unification: “In the Universe we live in the Tri mixture unification* within the 5 Grand fundamental elements of Nature is what we call Nature and Universe Nature”
(* – Heat, Air, Water)

Wherever tri mixture unification exists in this Universe it always exists through the livelihood lifestyle structure. Do we know this? Only through the tri mixture unification the Planets and the Stars in this Universe can function in a safe manner.

In whichever planet Tri mixture unification exists, no matter if Human beings, Plant Lives, Very Huge Animals live or not there will always be “Microbial Life form” that is living, this is required to be learned.

The first living being that lives on the Tri mixture Unification is Microbial life form. If the entire Universe functions with the Unification of the Tri mixture elements, then the entire Universe has Microbial life forms living in it, is needed to be learned.

The Tri Mixture’s Job:

  • For Heat to equalize Cold (water), and for Cold to equalize Heat and Air works together
  • It happens to be the reason for Water to become evaporated, through it Rain Falling – Snow falling.
  • For water bodies to naturally form on the surface of the soil it is the reason
  • The wastes created through the Nature – Artificial, “The necessary connections required for the purification corrections” is been given by it.
  • The natural organisations to function in a safe manner, it is being helpful.
  • Plant Lives, Animals, Human being’s livelihood to become structured it becomes the source reason.
  • To create artificial systems in Nature it continues to exist as a huge help.
  • It helps the planet’s natural rotation to function in a structured way.
  • The Day – Night time period to function in a helpful way for the need of livelihood nature of Life
  • It helps for the Gravity to become stabilized in nature.
  • From the affliction of the electromagnetic waves the soil core structures are being protected.
  • The water is protected from becoming toxic through the electromagnetic wave exposure.
  • Plants, animal’s livelihood is protected from the exposure of electromagnetic waves.
  • It helps the Planet’s Heat – Cold to become stabilized.
  • The protective ring that belongs to the planet is being protected.
  • It helps in the planet being protected from the dangers of meteor falling on it…………

If said in short, “It happens to be the fundamental source for all Planet’s protections”

Thank you.

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