Changes in the Rain Time Period Measure

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In this Universe we live, one of the Universe Nature exchange miracle is Rain. If it is to be known that every Planet in this Universe is functioning in joint nature with Five Grand Elements, then in that Planet the activities of operations such as Rain, Cloud, Breeze taking place should be ongoing.

The Necessity of Rain fall:

The Rain fall is happening based on the center point of that Planet’s nature structure safety. To correct the heat that prevails in the Planet, the Rain Falls. Considering the Planetary Structure safety, Considering the Rotational Operation safety, the Rain Falls. Also considering the safety of Live life (Microbes, Universe Microbes) Livelihood that is living on the Planet, the Rain Falls. Also considering the safety of the Plant Life’s, Living being’s livelihood that are naturally formed on the Planet, the Rain Falls. For Heat – Cold (Climatic) equilibrium to be formed in the space in between the Planets and around the Planet, the Rain Falls.

For every single Planet, the Planet’s orbital path formation, the Planetary protective shield formations, the Planetary Gravity, Universe Gravity, the correction methods of the electromagnetic waves…… by considering many such Nature protective structure’s needs as well, the Rain Falls. For the protection of the protective natures that function in connection within the Natural structure, the Rain Falls.

In this Universe, as the expression in itself of the Five of the Grand Element’s joining together and functioning – operating, the Rain Falls.

In the Universe Structure, The Protective activity of Planets not disintegrating due to heat impact by itself becomes Rain Fall.

The Changes in the Time Period Measure of Rain:

In this Universe we live in, the Time Period Measurements of Rain Fall, not being as Summer Period, Winter Period, Snow Period, it happens to be in an every changing existence. Do we know of this!

For the Rain Fall Time Period Measurements to happen in an ever changing existence, the source reason and the primary reason exists to be the Five Grand Element’s rotational nature by itself in the rotational nature of the Five Grand Element.

In the Rotational Nature of the Universe, suitable to the nature of the rotation of the Five Grand Element’s rotational nature with the Planetary Rotational Nature, the Rain falls.

For the happening of the Rain Period in a changing state in the Universe, the rotational operation of the Five Grand elements as well, with the Rotational nature of the Planet (Planet Rotating around itself and revolving around it’s orbital path) joining together in operation happens to be the reason on top of it.

We are continuing to live on the Earth for a very long period of time, for the Human life nature that continues on to live on the Earth, in nature there is Plant Lives, Living beings, Human beings ……. that are spread in expanse as Nature structure. For the Life Nature of the Humans in the beginning time, the surrounding situations and necessity of knowing that the Water source’s needs being very grand was not expressed(outcome) much.

For the Human beginning time’s water source on the Earth was Rain by itself, that was being available in required measure.

When the Population growth of People comes into existence the Rain Water saving becomes helpful. At the same time, when changes become created in the Rain fall time period measure, let us quicken (expedite) the utilization methods of Water Source needs,

The Pollution around the Planet and around the Protective field of the Planet, for it to be purified, the Rain Falls. For the Natural structure to perform correction on itself, the rain falls.

For the globalized spread of the Water around the planet to be spread, the Rain Falls.
In the Natural structure, live life’s livelihood to live in continuity, the Nature giving wonderful gift is Rain.

As the Rain by itself becomes the life water of live life’s livelihood, let us learn the importance of Water and get to know the methods of utilizing it properly. Let us utilize it properly.

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