Moon – Need to be Learnt

Greetings Everyone,

We are trying to create living condition on the Moon. At the same moment (time) on the Moon ‘what is required to be learnt’, getting to knowing this is necessary.

For a very long period of time we (Humans, Plants, Animals) have practiced living on Earth, here (Earth) the experience of living a grand life, lessons learnt, with the resulting science of the outcomes in life that continues through sharing, we try to search for living condition on the Moon. Because of this “There is no improvement on the Moon”. Do we know the reason?, the reason is the belief of everything existing on the Moon is similar to that of the Earth.

What happens?
What is happening?

What happens, is we are searching for a place that comprises of Water, Air, Heat, Soil, Greenery, Breeze just like on Earth…… and the fundamentals required for Animals, Plants, to live.

What is happening is, the Research methods that happened on the Moon (example: Neil Armstrong team), leaving that behind and trying to search also becomes a reason. That is, the gravity on the Moon is in a different state, leaving what the solution for it will be, where is water?, where is a temperate region and on it(land) will sowing seed grow? will planting plants spout? such attempts are being made by us. (Do we know what are we attempting to learn from this?)

Lets Learn come,
The Gravity that is present on the Moon is not* similar to that of the one on Earth, even knowing this*, without taking any efforts in relevance to correcting it, creating living condition will not be possible.
*it is in a changed state
*(do we know?, where(Moon) the gravity’s nature is existing in a different state, if sowing seeds will grow or not!)

Day – Night
The Day – Night happens in 24 hours on Earth. In it the existence is 12 hours are Day, 12 hours are night. With Plants, Animals, Human Beings practiced living in such a scenario, in the existing current scenario on Moon where it takes 14 days to become complete Day and 14 days to become complete night, living will be impossible is what will become the conclusion.

Planetary Rotational Nature
The changes in the speed levels (by itself) happened in the Planetary Rotational Nature has made the planetary protective ring’s rotational speed levels in-difference in joining with the Natural structure, hence it is in a state of not giving any levels of protection from the dangers of Meteors falling. If the Moon is not retrieved from this, the potential chances of living lifestyle will not give any outcome. The reason being, the plants, animals living on it has the potential of being affected very badly.

We are aware that the current Natural structure of the Moon requires many such happenings to be rectification.

Lets learn and act, Let us create a pleasant life, come.

Thank you, Kind Regards.

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