Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

“Planetary rotation is a naturally phenomenon”, is a known fact for everyone.

At the same moment, Planetary rotation – corrective measures is:

“In general, the understanding we have about this news is that?”, “nothing” is what we should be replying.

We(humans) are living on this planet for a very long time. In the world we live in, planetary rotation is:

  • Earth rotating about itself, Going around its own orbital path,
  • Every planets in our solar system rotating about itself, Going around their orbital path

We are aware of facts like them. The above mentioned information shows the planet’s natural rotational methods.

But, the corrective measures for a planet’s rotation, “Do we know, it is the very first time we are hearing about such an information?”

In the Universe we live in, we are aware of the intellectual growth we have achieved.

With the intellectual growth we have gathered so far, “The planetary rotation – the way of taking the corrective measures?” Do we know that answer to this question?

We know……..

Let’s get to know