To create livelihood on the Moon, The necessity of Soil – Water purification methods?

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To have our livelihood created on the Moon, first thing we need to do is purify the Soil. This is necessary. If Soil is not purified on the Moon, we cannot create livelihood in anyway.

Two Reasons for Soil afflictions:
1. Affliction through Natural structure
2. Affliction through Artificial Structure
Among both such Reasons, there isn’t any affliction due to the Artificial structure until now, in terms of the Moon. But we know of the afflictions created in the Natural structure of the Moon.

Reason belonging to the Soil affliction:

Moon’s Natural structure:

  • For very many years the ‘Life nature’s livelihood’ is existing in the state of not being utilized.
  • For extended time periods, extreme cold is afflicting the Soil continuously for very many years.
  • For extended time periods, extreme heat is afflicting the Soil continuously for very many years.
  • For very many years, the extreme heat through electromagnetic waves is afflicting the Moon’s upper surface soil resulting in the breaking down of Soil particles.
  • Due to the deficiency of the Planetary gravity for very many years, the operation of the planetary core in the Moon is being very slow. This results in the Soil’s operations existing in a afflicted state of not attaining proper connection with the 5 Grand elemental mixtures.
  • Due to the inconsistent operations of the Protective field on the Moon, the cosmic toxicity surrounding the Moon is afflicting the Moon’s Soil.It is necessary to understand that the Moon’s Upper Soil surface is afflicted by the Reasons listed above.

What happened in the Soil’s Affliction?
On the Moon, due to the afflictions of the Electromagnetic waves, the Soil in the upper surface is getting affected. That is the Soil’s particles, are being further broken down to particles. The reason for such breakage………..

Soil purification, why?

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