Rotational Nature in Methods of Physics

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On the Moon, the method of Life’s Livelihood will completely happen in Scientific Nature-structural methods is what we know.

On the Moon:
Rotation in Methods of Physics,
Purification in Methods of Chemistry,
Life in Methods of Biology, in such Scientific structural methods we are creating it.

Moon Research, common information:

If Life’s Livelihood is required to be created on the Moon Scientifically then, this happening can happen only in natural methods is required to be known (learnt).

From the Earth we live in, Researches about the Moon is continuously being conducted.
In it,
* Natural Natured Researches from being on the Earth.
* Scientific Researches from being on the Earth.
* Satellite Researches from being on the Moon.
* Occasionally direct researches through Scientists on the Moon, and so it continues. In it so far on the Moon, Rotational Function time period, Moon Gravity Deficiency, Heat – Cold State, Breathable air Deficiency, Life’s Livelihood not being available so far……. such things has come to be known. Adding to it, Research methods of knowing the Places of Water existence, The Researches of knowing the other side of the Moon are being conducted in continuation. As the Researches are continued by the Scientists in the countries such as America, Russia, India, Japan, China, at the same moment our Research is continuing.

Our Research Method:
Our Research method is happening through the information given so far through the Satellites and Scientists. That is, Deficiency of Planetary Gravity,  Rotational time period, Deficiency of Breathable Air, Heat – Cold; through the source of such Researches being researched in detail our Researches are being continued by keeping the naturally functioning natural structures of the Earth (as source of reference). In spite, for our Research to meet fulfilled solution,  we are conducting our researches by keeping the Moon’s Nature Functioning structural state in a proper state. As a continuation of the Nature operation’s structural formation we are continuing our Researches of managing the outcome operations of the Microbes living on the Moon.

Only after creating the livelihood of Moon Microbial life we are making the continuity of our Research methods on creating the livelihood structures of Microbes, Plant Lives, Living Beings and Human beings from Earth.

In our Research, in making the Rotational operation of the Moon proper, we are putting the methods of making Nature structure correction as first priority. For our Research to be described in this way, the rightful reason is the Moon’s Rotational Time period is approximately 28 days. That is, the Earth having 24 hour Life as primary in Life Structure methods cannot be made to live on the Moon with 28 days rotational operation, is what we would like to have clarified (clear) here. Adding to it, what we are describing on the Moon is that, On the Moon the Gravity is deficient, having multiple times higher Heat – Cold state than Earth. In it life formations from Earth cannot be made to live on the Moon is what we would like to instruct (iterate). In such an environment, how will our solution of life’s livelihood method on The Moon will be, is what we would like to announce.

Solution in Methods of Physics:
If Life’s Livelihood is required to be created on the Moon then Moon’s Rotational Operation is required to be regulated.

Methods required to Regulate:

1. To be Known (Soil Damage)

In a planet to know that Natural structure is formed, is knowing that the Soil available there and Water is formed favorable to livelihood.

In terms of the Moon, Soil is available. Water available area is not seen. When researching the nature of the Soil, it is revealing that it is not favorable to livelihood. Reason being, for a very long time the Soil formation is in an affected (Damaged) state. This can be known. The Reason being, On the Moon, the Soil is being attacked by a heat of 130 Degree Centigrade.

Solution – Methods of Physics:
If the heat is properly corrected on the Moon’s Soil, the Soil being attacked by heat will reduce.

It is required to know the place of Water that corrects the Heat.

The Soil that is being attacked by heat is required to be purified with (Soil – Water purification method) water. In the resourceful methods and with the help of Water – The Soil – With the help of Soil – The Water, in a natural state and natural way if purification is made, then every livelihood blockers in that Soil will move away.

2. Breathable air Deficiency:

In terms of the Moon, for the Breathable air Deficiency to be created, is due to the Heat that prevails there.

Solution – Methods of Physics:
For the heat to be corrected on the Moon, it is required to know the place of Water (Water reservoir). With the Water, through the activity of Soil – Water purification, heat becomes stabilized (corrected). When heat becomes corrected, as heat air becomes joint with the environment filled with Humidity, the heat changes to the state belonging to a natural state. That is the heat available in the air reduces and joints with the nature of water (with humidity). Hence, when the heat air receives correction, water evaporation will start happening. Through water evaporation, rain, snow will start falling. Through this, the nature of Breathable air on the Moon will start functioning along with the Natural structures on the Moon, can be known.

3. Planetary Gravity Deficiency:

For a very long period of time on the Moon, through the heat of the Sun, the Soil until it’s core structures are being affected. Due to this reason, beginning from the outer structure to the inner structure of the Soil is being affected by the state of Dryness. Due to this Dryness, the Soil is receiving the state of tightness. Hence, from the outer structure to the inner structure on the Moon, the operational state of Five Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature Functioning together is reducing. Hence on the Moon’s Soil it is always seen with the outcome of Planetary Gravity Deficient Nature.

Solution: Methods of Physics

For the Planetary Gravity deficiency on the Moon to be corrected, it becomes necessary for Rain Water to be formed. As Rain Water Forms on the Moon, it corrects the Soil’s heat nature. At the same moment, through the nature of Cold, the Soil Formation becomes fulfilled. That is, on the Moon’s Soil, the Heat – Cold attains natural state to required amount.  As a result of this, in the inner – outer, outer – inner structure on the Moon, the mixtures of 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature begin to operate together. This state is when the rightful opportunity of correcting the Natural structures of the Moon is being attained. That is, the Moon’s Natural structure is attaining the Gravity (planetary gravity) favorable for life’s livelihood.

Natural State
As on the Moon Soil the state of Planetary Gravity being corrected is created, the Soil’s core structures are coming to a natural state through the mixtures of Five Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature

4. There is no Life’s Livelihood

Scientific Research:
On the Moon, beginning from the Scientific researches on the starting period and each of the continuing Researches it is said to the extent that the evidences of life’s livelihood existence is not available. It is even said that, the Moon Soil is not formed in the format favorable for Microbes living.

Our Research Statement:
As on the Moon, there is an existences of extreme Heat (130 degree centigrade) & extreme cold (minus 180 degree), there is a creation of damage to the extent of the core structure being broken down on the Soil available there. Due to this, it can even be said that, there is no possibility for Living beings to live on the upper soil surface of the Moon. At the same moment, the Microbial life on the Moon Soil (The Microbes that life through out the entire Universe) through the extreme heat and extreme cold attacking environmental situation, it is going into the Soil’s inner surface and living, is very important to be known.

Solution – Methods of Physics:
If life’s livelihood is to flourish on the soil of a Planet, then the Soil is required to be healthy. The Water available there should accept that Soil in a natural state and should form in a way of giving life.  The Heat, Air, Cold that prevail in that soil should form to be in favor. If it is formed be such, then life’s livelihood will form there comfortably.

In terms of the Moon Soil surface, as it is being affected by dryness of Heat and extreme Cold, it has not formed to be in favor of Life’s Livelihood.

On the Moon’s soil surface, the Soil – Water natural state operational purification method and the opportunity favorable for the Rain water to fall and if the environment situation required for necessary amount of Planetary Gravity to be formed, the Microbes in the inner surface of the Soil will start come and live on that Soil’s upper surface. That is, in the environmental situation in which the creation of the operation of Five Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature functioning in the connections of Inner – outer, Outer – inner, the Microbes living in that soil’s inner surface will come to live on that soil’s upper surface. This can be known (learnt).

Through this, on the Moon, the life’s livelihood being in connection with the Universe Nature-Structure can be known (learnt).

Life's Source
The Greatness of the Soil is the source for the lives living on the Soil.

Let us know the Source. Let us Live Blissfully.

Come let us get to know (learn) more.

Thank you, Kind Regards.

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