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“Our Moon Life”

One of the dreams of Human world for many years now is that “we can live on the Moon”. The moment of this Human dream being fulfilled is nearing.

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The first act of it happening is being conducted through satellite in the format of research. The second act of it happened when Scientists researched directly on the surface(will continue).

The Researches done so far:

  • Gravity,
  • Air,
  • Soil,
  • Water,
  • Heat,
  • Cold,
  • Rotational Period of the Planetary Body,
  • The Day-Night cycle period

and so we are able to learn the Natural situation on The Moon.

How so? being,

★ Gravity is available, but it is not in the same format as on Earth. Hence, we cannot walk, run naturally or do our daily work naturally.

★ Air is available, but it is not in an usable format for our natural breathing.

★ Soil is available, but it is affected by long periods of heat exposure.

★ Water is in a polluted hidden state or in polluted ice format, is what is being described. That is, water is available but not understood with clarity. 

★ Heat and Cold are not in a life supporting nature.

Planetary Rotational Period:

  • To rotate about itself, the time required for it.
  • Day, Night time period is on the same value.

Hence, in the current scenario to create a living condition on the Moon for human beings is said to be hard.

In such a scenario, “Paul Spudis” continued insisting that there is water on The Moon and we can live on it. Thus continues the scenario of not being able to create a living condition on The Moon.

In this time, to live on The Moon every methods required (Scientific research methods, methodic ways through experience) we are coming forward to show the way by introducing two nuances.

  • Nuances of the ways of Scientific Laws
  • Planetary Research Nuance

In it, nature in natural systems, methods of changing the natural system and hence forth we bring out the clarity of livelihood in a simplified manner.

“Come lets unite together, let’s beckon the light of life on The Moon”

Thank you, Kind Regards. 

Govt of India

“Intellect + Natural Movement = Science”

  • To learn is Intellect.
  • Bringing it into structural methods is Natural Movement

Bringing the Goal of the learning to execution methods, giving a chance for modified execution methods, considering common Good making it an Open property is called Science.

Realization's Complete Maturity is Natural Movement.


Structure of Science

Science Sub Division

Planetary Science
Planets (5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature) + Living beings + Human beings + Nature

Living beings + 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature

5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature + Physics + Living Beings

Living Beings  + Physics+ 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature + Chemistry

Man Made Science 
Technology (Gravity in Everything)

Living Beings:  Plant Lives + Animal Lives + Human Lives

5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature:
Space + Heat + Air + Earth + Water


When the Static Nature's connections and - Non Static Nature's connections is felt(realized). One's (Human) Sixth sense is kindled. The reaction of this reflects creatives(artificials) in Nature. The output of this reaction is what reveals the nature of creative(artificial) material's mixtures found in existence within Nature.

Universe Gravity

Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

Researcher, Universe Science

To Live on the Moon everyone of us carry the interest. Let's explore the methods of creating a living condition on Moon with complete understanding on Universe Science.







In this page Sri Sivamathi explores the magnificent services rendered by all Scientists starting from the period of Galileo Galilei in his perspective through Natural Science.




Moon - Today Need

To create living condition on The Moon, 4 information are currently in need,

  1. Learning (To Gain Knowledge)
  2. Experience (To make it happen)
  3. Lifestyle (The needs)
  4. Connections (To share)

To live on the Moon, for us to learn the above information, Let us put in the efforts with the help of the outcome we get from the "Intellect's II Age"......
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Moon Clocks

The periodic clock that is to be utilized during the correction activity on the Moon and the Earth clock that will require changes at the same period of time.

Moon Time Chart

Moon Periodic Clock

Earth Periodic Clock

Moon Clock Iterations


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