Electromagnetic Waves (Nature – Sun)

Greetings Everyone,

In The Universe we live in, is being filled with both Day – Night, Light – Darkness, Heat – Cold.

In a planet’s front rotational curve, at the time when the light becomes filled, the rotational curvature behind continues to become filled with Darkness. A planet’s rotational method rotates as Day and Night.

In the Solar Family, the distribution of heat and light coming from the Sun being Day(front side) at the same time the light moving away and as the distribution of heat continues it is Night (backside) or considered as Darkness.

Full Day = (Heat + Light = Day) + (Heat – Light = Night).

The outcome of heat from the Sun when it distributes on the Soil we call it Heat waves.

The outcome of heat from the Sun when it touches the Soil through the Space with the help of Air we call it attractive heat field.

Heat + Space + Air + Soil + (- Lack of moisture)

The unified work (with Gravity) of the five, we call it heat wave.

The outcome expressed in heat waves when heat is very very high, moisture (cold) being very very low is what we call Electromagnetic waves.

The electromagnetic wave’s attractive heat field causes the soil to become affected. In the affected soil, it is not possible for Humans, Plant Lives and Animals to live is required to be understood.

Without understanding the structural function (attractive heat field) of Electromagnetic waves, it is tough to live on Soil. In some cases, it is impossible to live on Soil, is required to understood.

If we understand the structural functions of Electromagnetic waves, that is, if we understand the the heat that gets distributed on the soil, it will be possible to learn the methods of correcting it. Otherwise, it will be better to leave that place and try creating a livelihood on a different place.

The vulnerability caused by Electromagnetic waves:

  • Due to Electromagnetic wave’s impact, soil’s core construct gets affected.
  • Due to Electromagnetic wave’s impact the water evaporation act (work) happens faster.
  • The work of Ice mountains becoming water happens quicker.
  • Due to Electromagnetic wave’s impact, the unused water’s core construct becomes affected.
  • The water and liquid states underneath the soil surface will reach evaporation point in a very quick manner.
  • The fossil fuel’s evolutionary growth within the soil will become affected.
  • Plants, Animals, life will become affected.


Correction: To correct the afflictions caused by the electromagnetic wave’s activity,

  • The affected soil needs to be corrected with the help of iterative purification method
  • Water body’s purification needs to utilized
  • Rainfall needs to happen
  • Plant Life growth needs to continue
  • Animal Life’s evolutionary growth needs to become better

Human being’s Life needs to combine with Science Life methods.

To Learn:

“In the universe we live, no where except for Earth the affected soil and water from the afflictions of Electromagnetic waves is not purified, is required to be known”.

“Humans when trying to create their livelihood, while they learn the connective work of the 5 Grand Fundamental Elements of Nature (Space, Heat, Liquid, Air, Soil) at the same moment need to learn the electromagnetic wave’s affliction that happens in that area”.

Let us Learn what is required.

Let us correct what requires to be corrected in the learning.

Let us live best!

Thank you.

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