Moon: The Known – The Need to be Known

Greetings Everyone,

We are wishing to live on the Moon. The effort required for it is being made by Scientists of each Country in every possible way is what we know. At the same moment it is necessary for us to know that there are information available to be known about the Moon.

The Known:
The things we know so far, are what we got to know from Earth is necessary to be observed keenly. That is, the knowledge of nature that was acquired for Life’s Livelihood was received from Earth is necessary to be known. Similarly the knowledge acquired to adapt with artificial (Man Made) executions was also received from the Earth is necessary to be known.

That is,
Each things necessary for the Human Livelihood, even beginning from the start of time, to be continued as a continuation, our experiential and scientific knowledge is happening to be the source.

In it,

  • About Plant Lives and,
  • About Living beings and,
  • About Soil Formations and,
  • About Water Sources and,
  • About Heat’s nature and,
  • About Air’s functions,
  • and Space gaps

separate operations for each one of them and the operations of functioning connected with one another and also about the artificial nature and from all above the knowledge being helpful in understanding the Nature – Artificial structures that is needed for the growth of Human Society, and so such everything where received from Earth is required to be remembered keenly. If further observed, the knowledge used to create livelihood on the Moon is also used from the knowledge power, that was acquired from the Earth is required to be known.

If the knowledge acquired from the Earth is a right approach to be utilized on the Moon, then what ever is the necessity to know (learn) more? yes, there is more that is required to be known.

To be Known:

  • On Earth, Plant Lives are available. On Moon there isn’t.
    On Earth, Living Beings are available. On Moon there isn’t.
  • On Earth Water is available both below the Soil, and as Ocean available above the Soil.
    On Moon it is available below the soil, above the soil it is not as an Ocean.
  • On Earth Day – Night is of 24 hours time for a day.
    On Moon 28 days together is a day of Day – Night.
  • On Earth the rotational time period is of 24 hours period & 365 days (to rotate around itself, to rotate around its orbital path) and,
    On Moon the rotational time period is of 28 days & 28 days (to rotate around itself, to rotate around its orbital path) is how it has formed to be.
  • On Earth, there isn’t Waxing – Waning,
    On Moon there is a Waxing – Waning.
  • On Earth the gravity (Planetary Gravity) has formed to be in favorable condition for Life’s Livelihood.
    On Moon the gravity (Planetary Gravity) differs.

Similarly there are more available things for us to be known, do we know of this?

We are getting to the state of knowing that, there are a few changes between the Earth’s operational formations and Moon’s operational formations. We who have learnt by knowing to live on the Earth’s operational formation by knowing it, to live on the changes of the Moon’s operational formations (Moon’s operation changing from the Earth’s operations), do we know the extract of the knowledge learnt from the Earth? Do we completely know the answer for it?

Come let us think on it a bit deep. Come let us think and act.

Thank you,

Kind Regards.

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