Flood of Light in Nature

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Flood of Light in Nature

The changes that are to happen on the Earth, is not being described about the life methods that we are currently living. At the same moment, the Natural disasters that are currently happening on the Earth, New Diseases, Disasters that are created from Rain, Water scarcity, Food scarcity, Place of Stay scarcity….. the livelihood losses that happen through such reasons, to save human society, the situation of humans to have the livelihood created beyond the Earth onto the Moon will be created, do we know of this!.

We are describing here the changes that happen on the Earth in the situation of human livelihood coming into creation on the Moon. We are continuing to live on the very huge natural structure called the Solar family for a very long period of time. The life social formation in which we are currently living and the natural methods which function in natural structural methods are to have complete changes through the Moon’s rotation. That is, if we keenly observe the way the natural structural methods function, the solution belonging to this will become clearly visible. Only through the Five Grand Elements the Earth has formed to be, is what we know well. At the same moment, the Heat that exists in the Five Grand Elements, only through it the Light, the Nature guidance for the Life formations to continue its living and for it’s evolutionary growth to be formed, to be made safe. The Flood of Light that happens in the Nature becomes it’s complete first source of reason can be only be understood if the Natural structure’s joint formation’s (Planetary Structure) functions are known.

Planetary Joint Structure:
In this Universe we live in, there are many billion planets in planetary shape existing to be Universe structure. If that which is the Planetary Joint structure ceases to exist then the live life in the Universe will cease to exist. Reason being, in the formation of the Five Grand Elements, the joint structure is existing to be the planetary shape. In a planet that exists to be through the formations of the Five Grand Elements, the Soil Joint structure, the joint structure that is joint with Water, the Soil, Water, Heat, such three joint structures, for their mix functions, the Air’s organizing joint structure and with it, for them to exist as a planetary shape for a very long period of time the joint structure in the natural structure that functions together through air, and for all of this to exist in the functional state of continuously functioning, the Heat – Nature structure is existing to be, is required to be known.

For every planetary formation in the Universe, as a five type connective methods in the Five Grand Elements and as the operational methods that function together, it has formed to be. Every single planet in this Universe we live in, for the time period of it’s functioning, it continues to exist in the way of being in the present and as a natural structure.

Time Period Measurements:
In our life existence, time period is existing to be very important is what we know very well. They, in nature can either be the Plant lives or the Living beings or the human beings, for them the Time period Measurement formation is being necessary is what we are getting to know for many period of time.

To learn about the Universe’s Time period Measure, it is required for us to learn well about the Universe. Universe is existing to be in the Static Natural formation and the Non-Static Natural formation. Is what we know of. For the livelihood happenings that are existing in the Natural Formation, mostly for it, the Time period Measurements, we have known it in the form of experience and Scientifically. But for the happenings that exist in the Static formation, until now, the time period measurements for it have been attempted to be known through the Knowledge nature is the reality. The Timer Period Measurements is something that can be known through formations like Rotational Operation, Cold – Heat Operation. The methods of us knowing the time period measurements through Heat has been formatted in the basis of light in the way of Day – Night by us. That is, through the Nature of Sun’s Light the Day – Night Time period situations has been used in the creating of the Time period measurements. Similarly with the nature of the Light from the Moon, the Time Period Measurements have been created by us. In this mostly the fundamentals of our Scientific and Life Nature are being it’s center, is what we know of. In Recent times, the Moon’s body appearance, through it the highlight of cooling on the Earth and such happenings, if been observed keenly it will come into understanding is what we are continuing to learn, little by little. The changes that happen on the Outer appearance formation of the Moon is existing to be in the state of being expressed in our outer eye is what we are also knowing.

Human livelihood on the Moon:
At the same time while the Human livelihood is being created on the Moon, the changes are required to be created in the Rotational operation of the Moon, or it has to become created. Based on this, will only the Human livelihood can happen is required to be known. Reason being, Only when the Natural structure similar to the Earth happens on the Moon, That is (i.e.,); Only when it happens to be the operational formation in which the three of the, Heat, Air, Water joins with the Five Grand Elemental Operations, it will become possible to create human livelihood on the Moon is required to be known. Hence Moon’s Operations having to have it’s operations similar to that of Earth becomes necessary. Then the Climatic (Cold – Heat) happening that happen on the Earth will become changed beyond the current existence of the Nature-Operational formations called Waxing Moon, Waning Moon to become the Flood of Light in Nature that changes to become flourishing (Cooling) on the Earth’s outer surface, is required to be Known. If it happens to be so, the Earth’s livelihood will become even more better, that which will happen through Natural structure can be understood.

Hence the human ‘livelihood correction’ starting from the Earth, continuing onto the period when the livelihood creation that continues on the Moon, it is required to have the correction happen in the best way, only then the Moon’s Rotational operation, that is, the operation similar to that of Earth’s Operation, should be created by us or when it happens in the Natural structure, to understand all of that in a clear way, the opportunity will come to be is required to be kept in attention (in the though). Hence the Moon’s Rotational Operation methods will prevail as Light Flood in the Earth’s Natural structure.

So the pollution that currently exists on the Earth due to increased Heat, the Water insufficiency which is created from Heat, the Rain Water insufficiency and many such happening have changed to be, is also what we need to understand. On the Earth the Life formations that live in the rigidity of the Solar Heat, will become disintegrated due to the reduced nature of the Light Flood and the Five Grand Elemental Joints that exists in the Five Grand Elemental structure, that is the method in which it is joint will also have changes, is necessary for us to understand. When the Heat in Darkness. it’s rigidity, through Moon’s Operational changes – Being brightened through the Cool light formation, the rigidity found in the heat becomes decreased. At the same moment, the heat impact becomes reduced and the cold state that is the Cooling nature’s time period formations becomes favorable to the Earth’s natural structure is also required to be known.

Hence when the human livelihood is being created on the Moon, the Natural Structure’s Nature on the Earth through natural changes, will have the Life becoming wealthy, everything attaining goodness can be learnt.

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