Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

The five fundamental elements together make our World. In the World we live in, If only water doesn’t form the right way – Human Beings, Animals, Plant Lives, thus the three types of formations cannot live. That is, for living beings to live will become impossible.

Water has always been life supporting liquid for living beings. Since, in this world(Universe) for living beings to live, water become essential, our ancestors have always kept telling “without water there won’t be world”. (“நீர் இன்றி அமையாது உலகு ”)

For water to become affected soil first needs to become affected. For soil to become affected, heat becomes the reason. If heat is the source, it can be said to be very high(electro magnetic wave – heat wave propagation) or very low(extreme cold). After which it depends on the ways we make use of the soil.

Adding to it, Planetary Gravitational field continues to be a reason. If soil becomes affected, the water related to the soil become affected.

Let us continue knowing it in a more detailed essence.