Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan
Natural Science, Researcher,

Greetings Everyone,

For a very long time we continue to live on Earth. In it, there are so many changes, set backs, corrections, growth and so continues our life path.

Here we pour water on the land. Land turns wet. On the wet land we sow seeds. Seed grows. Similar to this, on wet lands we put a few straws. In a few hours termites come over. We see such happenings in nature. There is a reason for describing it here. We are very much of aware of such happenings in nature.

Similar to this if we try utilising the Moon, we will not have any results. We know this. Hence for this reason, can we come to a conclusion that there is no way for any life forms to live on the moon?

The reason being, we have not researched the entire surface of the Moon. We are aware of this too.

At the same time ‘Does life forms exist on Moon? or not?’


On the Moon, can Plant Lives, Animals and Humans live? or not?

We know of it.

Thank You.