Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan


Form Humans, Plant Lives, Animals, to live – Soil(Earth) continues to be the source of their livelihood.

Water resource, Oil resource, Mineral resources…….. gives such things.

The heat that is emitted in nature is being taken in by it.

It is also being the source of rain water saving.

Planet’s complete shape is expressed by soil(Earth). Soil continues to be in the form of joint mixture and a few colours.

Its one of the fundamental five elements of nature – it continues to be one of the significant element in The Universe’s core making.

In the essence of The Moon. Since, Plant lives, Animals have not lived on it for a very long time. The five fundamental elements of nature by itself continues function as joint structures.

Hence, on The Moon due to continuous exposure of Sun’s heat and the electromagnetic wave’s attractive fields, soils is in a affected state is what we know.

We will continue to explain further.