5 Grand Fundamental Element’s connective structure methods

Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan

Greetings Everyone,

The universe we live in is an organisation of 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature. The 5 Grand Fundamental element of nature are Space, Air, Heat, Soil, Water.

The 5 Grand fundamental elements of nature functions together with each other and each can separately function are the methods in which it is constructed in nature, this needs to be known.

The way in which 5 Grand Fundamental elements of Nature function becomes a depending factor for Plant Lives, Animals, Human Being’s livelihood to be determined, if only this is known the understanding of Nature’s structural methods will become possible is required to be known.

How are these structure, methods existing in other planets similar to that of Earth needs to be learned.

We will learn more in detail.

Thank you.







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