To Live on The Moon

The objective of science is to make human life easier, stronger, free, safer, structured, showing the way of life in the time to come, creating the necessary changes suited for that period of time, in all such ways should exist the destination of Science. While functioning with such moral views from the Science world, we are in a necessary situation of creating living condition on the Moon to Live.

  • Astronauts travel and return from the Moon. Hence Traveling methods is ready.
  • Soil and Rocks have been Taken. Researches are being conducted.

To Create Living condition, is soil enough?

  • Breathable Air is necessary.
  • Water necessary to sustain Life is necessary.
  • Activities such as Heat – Cold in the Nature should exist in an acceptable format for Moon Life.

When such fundamental environmental requirement on the Moon should have been there, do we know the current states of the Moon,

  • Breathable air deficient
  • Being known the existence of Water, not being able to see it.
  • The amount of heat is multiple time higher than that of on Earth
  • The amount of cold is multiple time higher than that of on Earth
  • Day – Night being 14 times higher than that of on Earth…….

It is necessary to understand that Multiple such happenings exist in an conflicting nature.

To Live on the Moon, the corrective methods are very complex and filled with nuances. Do we understand this?

“Come, We know the corrective methods.
Together let us Act on it, Come”

Thank you, Vanakkam.

Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan.

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