Microbial life(on Planets) Introduction

Greetings Everyone,

In the universe we live in, every planet exists only to sustain living beings on it.

The Universe we live in,

  • Space,
  • Air,
  • Heat,
  • Soil,
  • Water

is made of such five systems.

The join structure formed from the five elements have always been kept indicated by our ancestors as “Five Grand Fundamental elements of Nature”.

“In the universe we live in, the first living being is the microbial life form”, is what I describe in my Research.

Microbial life form consists of two Major Categorisations,

  • Microbial life that does good.
  • Microbial life that does bad.

Only if we understand the living structure of microbial life well, we can create living condition for life forms on the moon and other planets, with the very big help formed from microbial life. This needs to be understood.

The reason for calling microbial life forms as the first life form of this universe is only because, it is the only life form that lives in the join structure formed between the Five Major fundamental Elements of Nature. This needs to be understood.

The reason for describing it in this manner, will be explained by us soon through the example life-structure formations living on Earth.

Lets get to know it, come.

Thank you.

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