World Friendship day

Greetings to all world people.

The source of friendship is love. The fundamental existential state of Friendship is of utmost greatness. It is described that, there is a grammar for Friendship. Why is it described in such a way?

Similar to a language, the existential state of Friendship and it’s ‘nature of need’ as well, is of expansive nature. Only due to this reason is why, it is not described as a ‘structure’ like how a family or married life is described. For this, ‘the existential state of Friendship’ and ‘it’s need’s existential-state-nature’ by itself exists to be the reason. In this world, “to-act-upon or to-start-work, through the understanding or knowing of Life nature’s livelihood, the source of friendship is unparalleled”. If this greatness is properly known, the existential format to preserve and protect friendship will start revealing itself.

Effort in itself, exists to be the source for all bright outcomes on Earth. Come! Let us put in the effort with having the understanding of ‘Friendship’s greatness’ on this auspicious world friendship day and live a blissful life.

Thank you,


“From the time period of early human beings until today, Friendship that which is defined as unparalleled among relationships: is the source strength for all relationships of the human society. For this, the need of Intellect’s evolutionary growth becomes the source”.  

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