Artemis One, Opening doors to our Future. Thanks to the entire Team!

Greetings all world people,

With Science and humanity at it’s core, the World has been in motion towards a better tomorrow relentlessly in the past few decades. All the great feats and inventions are very much in life and action together: “Ready for our return to the Moon”. Thank you and congratulations to the Team and Families behind the wonderful Artemis I mission and the missions to come.

A lot has changed between our last visit to the Moon and now. We have gained better understanding of Geology and matter in general, we have furthered our understanding in Planetary science with our fly-bys to the farther planets. Our eyes of knowledge has become ever broader. We have all learnt to appreciate the nuances in science and technology with a processors the size smaller than a finger print powering an extraordinary devices in our hand.

Now with such a fresh and strong perspective in place among the masses. The mission starts!

A mission meant to ‘research and understand‘ that can eventually expand livelihood and knowledge. The scope is massively expansive. Which is also supported by the plans in place for the second project called the “Gateway“.

The Word ‘Space exploration‘ will find itself a new term, “Stellar Presence“. In Time!

In this remarkable moment, Our Moon Life Universe Research Centre and Foundation would like to share it’s thoughts and understandings to build clarity onto the perspective in place, through the following aspects.

  • Planetary Nature of the Moon
  • Planetary Science in Nature
  • Importance of Global Collaboration and joint effort

`We will be limiting the scope this article only to the above 3 aspects to keep the article precise. We will explore the rest in future articles and discussions.

  • Importance of Universe Science
  • What can Life Science contribute
  • What can Earth teach us?
  • Wielding multiple perspectives

Planetary Nature of the Moon:

Though being very close to the Earth, the Planetary Nature of the Moon has many stark differences from the Earth.

  • A day on the Moon is 14 Earth days (same duration for the Night)
  • High and Low temperature varies between 120° C to -130° C
  • Gravity is very weak (1/6th of Earth Gravity)
  • The atmospheric pressure is 300 trillion times smaller than Earth
  • The combination of atmospheric pressure, lack of suspended particles/air, Weak Gravity has a unique outcome in the expression of Gravity.
  • Availability water close to the southern pole
  • Availability of Caves that can offer protection against heat exposure
  • Boulders that slowly move over a long period of time
  • Exposure to Meteor falls with no protection from the Atmosphere/Protective-Field, like on Earth
  • Availability of water closer to the surface

though we have the above scientific facts! There is more to the fact in which the Moon’s Nature differs from the Earth’s Nature in a deeper essence. Which will be the source perspective from which knowledge exploration and action plan can be executed with a Simplified approach. We have explored this deeper essence in our Research work. To put it out briefly, the ‘5 Grand elements’ of the Moon are not unified in nature like the Earth. If this unification can be enabled, the rotational time period of the Moon and Gravity can certainly be altered. To understand, what will it take to unify the 5 Grand elements of the Moon. The existential nature of the 5 Grand elements in the Universe needs a broader understanding. For instance, the existential nature that we call as ‘Water’ on Earth is not the same on the Moon or through out the natural existences of this Universe and it’s functions. However there are properties of it which remains the same. For instance, anything we call Water in the Universe’s Nature will have a property of cooling down. This cooling down nature when in interaction with another element of the 5 like the Heat has always the property of expanding the presence of heat with the support of air. Though in the Universe’s function: all of the elements functions together, they are not unified in their existential nature. It is only found on Earth to be so. Understanding this, is key to such an exploration and Global collaboration. Such a statement (that 5 Grand element is only unified on Earth) can be clearly explained by the existential nature of the 5 Grand Elements on the Earth and it’s intricate behaviors and expressions. Through which the individual Universal property can be clearly defined and understood in Universe’s functions.

Planetary Science in Nature:

Geology is the space in which the exploration is to be progressed. Any expression of the existential nature of a Planet’s function or the opportunities in which their function can be altered, can only be done or explored on the Geological space. This has always been the case for our science and exploration, on our planet as well. What is going to be new here is that, “we will start to explore the existential nature of Nature and it’s expression through the eye of planetary science”. When we start further exploration on the Moon. This new knowledge and exploration will need a simpler language of expression that can be spoken on a Global scale. As there will be lot of minute details working together to bring out a grand action of an outcome. Like altering the Gravity or rotational speed of a planet. This will need a widescale understanding of what is the underlying mechanism of a planet. We will start seeing more detailed mechanism in the expression of Nature and the Planetary science in work behind the Nature’s expression. When we understand the simplified mechanism of how planetary function is taking place.

To explain this statement in a more simplified & practical way: We got to know about gravity and it’s use, when it became a livelihood need to any mechanical needs around our life and livelihood. This finding has served humanity to a great extent in knowledge and livelihood growth. Now when the livelihood growth is in the brink of Stellar exploration to another planet, we will start exploring what is the constituents of Gravity as a force or Gravity as an existence in Nature. This path of thinking and exploration is key to the understanding of Planetary science and it’s functions. The movement of Heat and Cold is critical to a planet’s rotation and Gravitational presence. Though Heat is the fuel to this movement. The Movement is enabled through the presence of water and the support air as a force of Nature. When we say its a force of nature, its a broader definition. On the Moon compared to Earth, the water is present but it is not put to use like on Earth. When we start finding the means of doing this, it will be a great time for humanity in Space exploration.

Only when we see the detailed expression of Planetary science and it’s Nature at work. Will we start appreciating the stark difference between the Moon and the Earth. Its not just the heat or the day-light cycle that is a stark difference here. There is more to it, even the soil is so different. The mechanism of the soil is different. The nature of the soil is so different. Its way of interaction is different to Earth. In all these differences lies the path to unification and correction. We are glad that the exploration is to start with the success of the Artemis mission. We are so Grateful to such a wonderful work and dedication of the NASA team behind it.

Importance of Global Collaboration and Joint effort:

Science has contributed a lot to the growth and safety of Humanity. It has bought accessibility through technology. It has given a structure and progress to the masses with years and years of knowledge and seeking. Though the efforts and knowledge are fragmented over the years of effort in documentations and books. The connectivity of the Internet and the knowledge sharing has given a grand scope for a simplified understanding and expansion of knowledge, like never before. This simplification can bringer us closer. The aspect we have been longing for a very long time. The knowledge sharing and discussions that Stephen Hawking expressed as his prediction/expectation for the future in the Book, “The Theory of Everything”. Is just around the corner with the Lunar exploration and Research.

For a project that is going to create a living presence for Humanity on another planet will certainly need the Global unity and intentions poured into the project in efforts and collaboration. NASA has started enabling this future. We at “Our Moon Life Universe Research Centre and Foundation” in India is happy to be an active contributor and collaborator in the coming years. All we would want is your, questions, curiosity and encouragement in the comments. To enable this grand future for ourselves in this Universe.

In Freedom there is to be the collaboration!

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