Knowledge and Time – Moon ~ Earth

A very Good evening everyone,

A man walks, picks up a ball and throws it on a stick. The ball hits the stick. Its a good achievement.

Now, has he learned to throw the ball?
The way he threw it is the only way a ball should be thrown?

reasonable answer for both would be no. That is how knowledge works,

We find something new, we try learning about it, spend some time on it, we achieve phenomenal things. It becomes useful to people around us. Now does this mean,

what we achieved is the extent of the knowledge gained?

or does it mean that it has opened doors for much more phenomenal opportunity of research?

a more significant aspect to this perspective is that, the fundamentals of the knowledge we practice to research deeper intelligence by itself sometimes might need a deeper look. A simpler redefinition maybe?

As long as it benefits the Humanity. More importantly the Human Life on Earth.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

Kind Regards,
Livin S
Assistant Researcher.

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