Water in Moon (Water based Life)

Greetings everyone,

In the Universe we live in Water is very, very necessary.

In the Universe we live in, every single Planet is made of Soil. If a Life based livelihood is needed to be created in the Planets made of soil, the necessity of water is irreplaceable, we know of it.

To create Life on the Moon in which we wish to live, soil, heat, air, water, only when 4 of them are in necessary quantity it will become possible, is also known by us. In this Soil, Heat, Air, are in the open is known by us.

In any planet the quantity of Water needs to be higher in percentage value compared to the land(soil) used for livelihood. (100 percentage soil formation should minimum have higher than 70 percent of Water).

The reason being,

  • Water is required to be used for the correction of the Heat in the upper surface and inner surface of the soil.
  • Needs to be utilized for the Plants, Animals that live on the soil’s upper part and soil’s lower part.

Adding to it,

For the Rain water formation, water evaporation work is required to happen. For the rain water formation, evaporation is to happen for 24 hours continuously in that planet.

The water that evaporates in the Planet:

  • For the inner construct of that planet’s nature,
  • For Natural Livelihood,
  • For Natural rotation of the Planet,
  • For the correction of the Electromagnetic wave’s

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