The Moon (Lunar)

Good evening my dear Friends.

Beautiful Moon – non Perilous Moon. Moderate Natured Moon

– Nature left unmaintained Moon.

Moon, living in the heart of Artists –

None can come over to live on the Moon.

Scholars came back, visiting the Moon 6 times –

Moon, you gave nothing for them to rejoice with.

Children are given their meal. You gave the opportunity Moon.

Starting from Children to the Elder, to live –

no opportunity given, the Moon.

Natural Satellite of our Earth, The Moon – Close by the Earth

Revolves around it, the Moon. First ever visited planetary body by Human, The Moon –

Elusive to the Human intellect, the Moon. By being Waning Crescent,

Waxing Crescent, giving light, the Moon.

Moon that gives darkness to the intellect of Ignorants.

Moon that gave the opportunity for the Scientists to return visiting –

In True Wisdom showing the way to Live, The Moon.


“To revolve around me, To know me, Satellites –

 You are sending them!

 Will you send Humans to clean me!!”


You are giving scope for debate.

You are also giving space for Argument.

To shut the mouth of Rumor speaking people, “Through Sivamathi

we are coming to speak out”


We knew the Soil – We know the Water.

We knew the Heat(electromagnetic wave) – We know the way of decreasing it.

We knew Air – We will make it so it’s breathable.

We knew Drought – We will make way for the rains to pour down.

We knew Water – We will remove the pollutants from the soil.

Moon that rotates slowly – We will make way for it rotate in a Pious Nature.

We will accelerate the attractive forces of the Moon.

Moon’s Magnetic Core – We will make it rotate in a molten state.

The impacts of Meteor shower – We will powder it in the sky.

Day – Night Cycle, we will bring it to a natural cycle. ………..


To live on the Moon, let us beckon the light of life on it.

Come! Come! To Live on the Moon – Let us send this Greeting to all corners of this World.

Thanks and Thanks to The Universe Creator.

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