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This Universe we live in, is observed to be open and expansive in a very huge size. This Universe has uncountable Stars, Planets contained within it. Adding to it, it is formed to be with 5 type magnificent formation Space, Heat, Air, Water, Soil. In this Grand Universe formation filled with Brightness – & – Darkness, to see it’s structure millions of eyes are not enough – not enough, is the state in which it has formed to be.

Since the beginning time of Human world, the foundation of Life’s livelihood has formed to be the Sun. Reason being, Sun in this Universe has not formed to be a separate Planetary body, instead it has formed to be a family for the Human and Life’s livelihood formation.

Sun has formed to be a formation that gives Heat – & – Light to every planets that come in contact around it. Adding to it, on all sides of the planet (Inner – Outer, Upper – Lower, Around), it carries the job of organizing the Heat correction. That is, to operate the Heat Correction, the water is evaporated and with the help of air, it is being taken to all sides of the planets.

Though all planets have the nature of glowing, only with the Nature of Sun light, the day time is formed.

Light's Nature
Every Planets have the nature of Glowing.

In the Solar Family, 9 Planets has formed to be in abundance of unique specialty (greatness).

Every single Planets in the Solar family, is rotating by keeping Sun as its center (source center). In this way, since every single planets are rotating by keeping Sun as it’s center, on planets Day – Night cycle is happening.

Come, Let’s get to know (learn) more.

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