The Perspective of the Cold gravity happenings in the Solar System

In this Universe we are living in, there are two types of structures called brightness – darkness. Adding on, it is whirling around in two types of rotational operation method called the Heat – CoolingNature. In the rotational method that whirls in such a way, “the existence of brightness – darkness is existing to be as the natural nature of heat and cold”. That is, “the Sun’s heat is existing to be such so that the brightness can increase, for increased heat, for day time brightness and adding onto it, the existence of it to be as an orbital method in Day-Night”. Adding onto it, in the Natural Structure, it is existing to be a source formation for the 5 Grand elemental exchanges and Life nature’s livelihood. Similarly, the Cooling nature is existing to be as a source formation for the Cold to increase, heat to decrease, darkness to increase at night, and as well for the darkness to be expressed at night time. Not only that, but for the planetary core to join with the natural structure and rotate in a loosened way, it is being of great help. In the Solar system, “For all the planets that which keeps Sun as its core axis and whirl around exists to be the place of stay for the heat and brightness of the Sun’s heat”. Even then, every single planet from the location of the Sun’s core, “whichever planets, that have their distances low between their own orbital path and the Sun’s orbital path while being in the Sun’s orbital path”, in those planets there will be high Heat Gravity and Low Cold Gravity. If seen through such fundamentals Earth, Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune such planets do have the Planetary gravity and Cold gravity in a favourable measure for life nature’s livelihood is what we know. In it, planets such as Moon, Venus being to have heat gravity in a very very increased measure of heat gravity, “conducting researches and to create life nature’s livelihood ‘in nature structure method correcting the planet’ that which is the Nature science method, if in the planetary rotational nature the heat gravity is corrected, it will become possible to create Cold Gravity”, this can be learnt. Adding on, it is possible to create life nature’s livelihood here can be learnt. If the fundamental natural structure for it, is to be learnt properly, then if the 5 Grand elemental planetary rotation whirling methods are learnt scientifically in a natural simplified way, understanding will become possible.

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