Shall We do Agriculture in Artificial Rain on The Moon?

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“Shall we do Agriculture with Artificial rain on The Moon?”, friends have asked mentioning it will be helpful for creating livelihood for Animals, it is in the minds of many humans”.

In the world we live in the livelihood of human beings to become the best, with many efforts, practices, experiences……. was sculpted little by little. In this storing natural rain fall for agriculture, electricity…… thus continues the enrichment of human livelihood.

“Without rain water, there will not be a world” in coherence to this quote in places where natural rain water resource is in scarcity it is a possibility to fulfill the needs to a certain extent, we know of this. Considering the essential need of Human life “is it possible to make it artificially rain on the Moon and fulfill then needs of Agriculture and other needs ?”, some are asking this question. A few more people are asking, “will it even be a possibility?”.

Shall we see the answer for it, come,

  • There is economical strength,
  • There is machinery strength,
  • There are Scientists,
  • The materials necessary for the mixture is available…..

Then What!

Why not make artificial rain fall happen!!!!!!!!

Lets us see what more is required to be learned.

Artificial rain fall is possible on Earth. Through artificial livelihood becomes possible in a very little way. The reason for this is, the Ocean water structure (Water mixed with the taste of Salt), the structure of Earth with three fourth of it being covered with Ocean water, the organization of many other soil^ available beyond the oceans in which though the taste* of water is mixed in this unified mixture, it continues to be beneficial for the very long life on Plant lives, Animals.

^ – (Red soil, black soil, Sand, Soil……)
* – (Sweet, Sour, bitter……)

That is, “On Earth, the Water resource, Livelihood life happens to be possible in the existence”. Moreover, Ocean water(salt water) does not fall as salt rain after evaporation instead the natural structural existence is in such a way that the taste of salt is in very very low amount, we know of this. The every mixtures required for the creation of the artificial rain is done with the help of the water resources found on Earth. Hence, the water on Earth, cloud, mixtures (required artificial rain), Natural (Soil, rain) resources, happens to exists in a format suitable for livelihood Life.


On Moon the Soil, Heat, Water, Air, such mixtures will exists in the format suitable for it’s livelihood. Even the cloud formations created through the evaporation that happens over there will be suitable for Moon’s natural resources. When trying to use the artificial rain’s mixture used on Earth with Moon’s cloud formations, It is necessary to know if it will work along with the livelihood we create over there.

It is easy to say this,

It is indeed hard to do it,


On Moon the result of Artificial rain is nothing but zero, do we know this?

The reason why I am saying it in this way because, Moon’s heat radiation will not make that soil cool down. The heat on the Moon is multiple times higher. Not only that, the heat that radiates ……

Translation in-progress….

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