Rotation & Circular Motion

There are subtle differences between rotation and circular motion.


  • The object will not return the same position ever again, though it might seam so.
  • The nature of the motion is unique
  • It is a natural motion
  • It is a stable motion & correctable motion
  • It is a pulling forward motion

Circular Motion

  • it is possible to stay in a spot
  • There is no increment in this motion
  • The corrective nature only shifts to another circular motion
  • The movement & nature connections are very little
  • Energy from this motion cannot be converted to rotational motion.

Through this fundamental differences observed we should look into the general scientific cycles like,

  • Day-Night Cycle
  • Seasonal Cycle
  • life cycle
  • Economic Cycle…… and more….

Then observing the nuances necessary for learning and understanding the necessary components for sustaining Life becomes clear and applicable in a simpler form.

Thank you.

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