To live on The Moon – What is the obstacle?

Is it The Scientists?

Is it The Conspiracy Theories?

Is it our own imaginative thoughts?

Is it the people’s disinterest?

Scientists: Scientists are putting their best efforts possible in researches through their scientific perspective.

Conspiracy Theories: To understand the world we live in, we express thoughts in many ways. For instance: “it is possible”,” Not-possible” or mixed information like “could be possible in an alternate way”

Is it the existence of information like this an obstacle??

Own Imaginative thoughts: Is it the imaginative thoughts –or- the exaggerated/unnecessary thoughts in our collective efforts?

People’s disinterest: Only after making all the necessary living conditions on the Moon available, we will come to know the people’s interest or needs.

Then, what is it?

Is it, only after we have the ecosystem of Plants, Animals & Humans on the Moon similar to Earth? we can live on The Moon?

Or only after we have this ecosystem, the Moon’s rotational system will stabilize?

Or if only after the Moon’s ecosystem changes itself naturally to a life sustaining ecosystem system?

Or only after we try understanding the possibilities of creating such an ecosystem, will we have the chance of living on the moon?

Efforts, Efforts, Efforts…

Please post your thoughts in the comment section.

Thanks and Thanks to The Universe Creator.

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Sanjay S D
Sanjay S D

Great insight…
Salute to you for thinking beyond the boundaries of our planet, wish to connect with you.
Beat wishes,