Liquid – Grand Element of Nature

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1 of the Wonderful element in the 5 Grand elements of our Nature, Liquid. It’s unique property gives a fascinating insight into our Universe. Water is a format of Liquid when left in room temperature tends to fall below the temperature of the Room. Same water left under the warmth of the sun feels cooler than the atmospheric temperature. Any liquid left in this universe without the warmth present in the Universe, it will continue to cool down until it finds the warmth source which is stabilizing it’s fall in temperature. It could be the heat in the format of a Planet’s inner core or heat in the format of Universe’s atmospheric heat and beyond…….

With this we can understand the unique nature of Liquid. It’s nature is to cool down. This nature of liquid remains the same no matter what condition is applied to it. We can call this nature, law of nature.

This is why we call Liquid (in other words Water) as a Grand element and not element. Understanding this perspective is key in traversing through the research work of Sri Sivamathi M. Mathiyalagan.

The understanding the interaction of one Grand element with another will be an advanced level topic from the above. For instance, the process of cooling down happens in the movement caused by the Grand element, Air. This Movement happens through the Space created in the material. For instance in highly cooled down liquid the space found within the liquid is diminished. Hence majority of the cooling down process will start happening in the surface of the liquid.

We are gifted to live in such a wonderful time on this Planet. Come, let’s create a living condition on the Moon.

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