Intellect’s structure (Fundamental)

Greetings everyone,

Only in the moment of understanding the human life’s fundamental structure, the ability of understanding with clarity, the periodic life happening’s nature, reason, factor and its outcome can be attained.

This is, “Life’s Living Theory”.

The fundamental reason that happens to be for the Human life on Earth in today’s span is getting higher to this measure is Scientific Growth’s growth by itself being source reason. Scientific growth’s growth fundamental reason is Life’s Living Theory has to be learned.

On Earth, for the wastes and pollution being full:

  • Is Scientific Growth the reason…….
  • Is Human increase the reason……..
  • Occupational Greed, is that the reason…….
  • Is it the compulsion of this time period……..

it can be only understood after detailed research into the above.

In today’s period, do we know the necessity of human’s life having to go beyond Earth to the Moon or other planets?

To create our Life on Moon, “Only if we learn the Human Life’s fundamental structure on the Moon, scientific researches can get to next level improvements and move on” this becomes a necessity to learn.

“let us learn the necessity, lets create the livelihood with bliss”.

Thank you, Vanakkam.

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