Calm Moon or Aggressive Mars

Calm Moon, Aggressive Mars
To live on Earth, space issue,
The problem of affected Nature,
Moderate, Nature connected
Lifestyle being in a deprecated state,
We mix pollutants in nature,
Now even the state of mixing pollutants in Humanity,
Above all of this, destruction of the Natural forest
Leading to Animals loosing their living space……
So considering many problems, complexities
We travel seeking other planets.

In that, Calm Moon? or the Aggressive Mars?
Lets observe the complexity between the questions.

If it is the Calm moon, Heat – Cold temperatures are high.
Day-Night time Cycle is long.
Gravity is low.
Traveling distance between Earth is low.

If it is the Aggressive Mars, Consistently continuing stormy winds.
Traveling Distance is high.

Instead of searching living condition in the stormy winds
lets search water on the Moon.
Through Water methods of purification,
To create living condition, with the help of our magnificent Intellect,
Lets configure the Moon.
That is, Let us change the Moon’s rotational activity.
To live on the Moon, lets create the necessary natural life and nature cycle.
Come together let us create life on Moon.

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